Native women tell the real history of Thanksgiving

Most of what is taught in schools about the holiday features pilgrims and native people sitting down to share a happy meal. But these women say history tells a different story.

GOP operative who said he looked for Clinton emails on Flynn’s behalf reportedly died by suicide

Peter W. Smith, a political operative who reportedly sought out Russian hackers on Flynn's behalf, killed himself, according to the 'Chicago Tribune.'

Maine Gov. Paul LePage claims to feed fake stories to the media

LePage was upset over news reports he planned to vacation while Maine's state government is shut down.

Texas Supreme Court rules spousal benefits for LGBTQ employees are not guaranteed

The Texas judges cast doubt over whether the Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling extends to spousal benefits.

Need cheap-but-amazing vacation inspiration? These are the 10 top free attractions in the US.

The best vacation activities in the country — that won't cost you a dime.

Summer Books 2017: 17 authors share their favorite beach reads

These are the best new releases of the year.

Protesters fill Texas Capitol to fight SB4, the state's new anti-sanctuary cities law

Hundreds of people entered the Texas House Monday to protest SB4, an anti-sanctuary cities bill.

The case for reparations to the family of Eudocia Tomas Pulido, who died a slave called Lola

Nothing will restore the life that was taken from the Pulido family — but that shouldn’t mean Tizon’s surviving family doesn’t have a duty to try.

The North Carolina voter ID law that targeted blacks is dead, thanks to the Supreme Court

The court's nine justices have declined to review a lower court finding.

Donald Trump thinks he could have prevented the Civil War, historian Jon Meacham says

Donald Trump thinks he's a better negotiator than Abraham Lincoln.


Marijuana Legalization in Illinois 2017: Here's where lawmakers stand

With a Democratic majority in the state legislature and a GOP governor who seems unlikely to veto reform, the path to legalization looks clear.

North Carolina legislator Larry Pittman compares Abraham Lincoln to Adolf Hitler

Well, this is certainly something that gives Sean Spicer a run for his money.

The US women's hockey team ends boycott over gender wage gap with new contract

After negotiating higher wages, the women's team will head to the Women's World Championship on March 31.

Maryland will remove bust of Supreme Court justice who said slaves weren't citizens

The chief justice is best remembered for ruling against Dred Scott in his landmark case for his freedom in 1857.

National Cherry Pie Day 2017: 9 very cherry recipes to celebrate

"I cannot tell a lie, but I do love cherry pie." — Alternative George Washington

GOP honors Abraham Lincoln's birthday by sharing fake quote on Twitter

The GOP tweeted a quote likely attributable to a doctor in the 1940s — not Abraham Lincoln.

Fayetteville, Arkansas, hung a Black History Month banner declaring "Black Lives Matter"

Fayetteville, which is about 80% white, is doing the right thing.

Mike Pence celebrated Black History Month by tweeting out a white man's accomplishments

Black History Month at the White House is not going well.

#TrumpBlackHistory perfectly explains Donald Trump's ignorance about black America

Twitter is fully roasting Trump's knowledge of black history.

Which Bible is Donald Trump using at his inauguration? Actually, he has 2.

Trump will take the Oath of Office using Bibles that represent the country's, and his own, histories.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage wants Rep. John Lewis to thank Republicans for ending slavery

LePage said Lewis should "look at history" before criticzing the Republican president-elect.

'Jackie' Kennedy Movie: Separating fact from fiction

There's so much 'Jackie' gives us on the famous first lady, but how much of it is true?

Donald Trump's Thanksgiving address calls for national healing after brutal election

The president-elect says we should all just get along.


The truth behind the food at Thanksgiving, one of the most mythical meals in America

The first Thanksgiving wasn't all about turkey.

Steve Bannon quotes: Fact-checking future White House strategist's tenure at 'Breitbart'

Bannon transformed Breitbart into a hub for digital bigots — here's some examples of how.

West Virginia Election Results: Donald Trump easily wins over Hillary Clinton

In recent years, the state has turned red.

Log Cabin Republicans announce they cannot support Donald Trump

Trump is running out of potential allies fast.