People are way less likely to be helpful when it's hot out, according to study

Sorry, it's too hot out to help you move.


MIT researchers say Trump misunderstood their climate research

Trump said the Paris agreement wouldn't have much of an effect on global temperature rise. He's wrong.

Climate change is ruining your beauty sleep

According to a new study, the increase in temperature is leading to restless nights.

September 2016 was the hottest month on record. Again.

It's the hottest month on record. Have we heard that before?

New research suggests Earth is currently the warmest it's been in over 100,000 years

And we're on track to reach our hottest temperature in 2 million years.

Physicists discovered particles with 'departure from the familiar laws of thermodynamics'

This could have a big impact on future research.

July 2016 was the hottest month in recorded history

If you thought last month was unseasonably warm, you were totally right.

Jupiter's Giant Red Spot Is Also Red-Hot

We finally have an explanation for why Jupiter's atmosphere is so hot.

Every Month in 2016 Has Broken a Temperature Record — And We Should Be Scared

For the first time ever, NASA created a mid-year climate report — because this year is so goddamn out-of-control hot.

May Is the 8th Consecutive Month to Break Global Temperature Records

There's a bigger problem behind the abnormally high temperatures.

There's a 99% Chance 2016 Will Be the Hottest Year on Record



April Is the Seventh Consecutive Month to Break Global Temperature Records

"It's clearly all heading in the wrong direction."

This Hot Sauce Is So Spicy, GE Had to Bottle It With Jet Engine Material

Hopefully this hot sauce won't burn through your bag...

Over 160 Countries Just Signed the Historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change

The heat is on to finally do something.

This Is What Happens When You Throw a Water Bottle Into Molten Steel

We know it's super tempting, but don't throw your water bottle into molten hot steel.


2016 Is Already Well on Its Way to Breaking Climate Records — Great Job, Humanity!

Not to go all fearmonger on you... but it's all over.

Green Man Festival 2015: Ticket Info, Schedule, Lineup and More

The South Wales is about to kick into full gear.

11 Breathtakingly Unique Hotels That Will Make You Want to Pack Your Luggage Right Now

Want to sleep in a tree, underground or hanging off a mountain?

One Chart Proves Just How Incredibly Hot Our Planet Is Getting

2014 was the hottest year in recorded history.

The 5 Coldest Places on Earth

These locales are no strangers to cold — polar vortex or not.

Two College Kids Have Invented a New Cardboard Box. An AMAZING Cardboard Box.

This box saves 15% on cardboard, requires no tape, and unfolds so easily that the recipient only needs to push in a flap to unpack it. But does it work?

Look How Nature Transformed Birds Into Statues

The extreme climate of Lake Natron in Tanzania has caused birds to calcify into statues.

Global Warming Skeptic Richard Muller is Finally Convinced: Climate Change is Very Real

Temperatures this summer have reached all-time highs. Even skeptics are beginning to change their tune about climate change, noting that its origins are indeed human.