'Wall Street Journal' reporter fired over ethical violations

The reporter was allegedly part of a potential business deal with a source.

70% of millennials in this country own their home — and no, it's not the United States

The majority of young adults in China own homes, trouncing millennials in the U.S., Canada and Australia

Blackwater's Erik Prince reportedly tried to set up back channel between Trump and Putin

Prince, a notorious mercenary leader, traveled to the Seychelles in January to arrange a secret line between Trump and Putin.

'Letters to a Young Muslim' answers one of the hardest questions for Muslim American youth

Omar Saif Ghobash gives powerful advice for young Muslim Americans in midst of a battle of their identities.

Who is Mevlut Mert Altintas? Turkish policeman killed Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov

Karlov's death deepens a diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Russia.


Massive Fire Engulfs Dubai's Address Hotel Amid New Year's Eve Celebrations

The Address hotel caught on fire during New Year's Eve celebrations.

31 Stunning Photos Taken by Drones Show Us Our World Like We've Never Seen It Before

There's an Instagram for drones. Prepare to be blown away.


This Solar Plane Is Flying Around the World Without Any Standard Fuel Sources

This could serve as an excellent test-case for more eco-friendly travel.

Stunning Google Earth Photos Show Just How Much Humans Change the Planet

Earth is changing — these photos prove it.

Does Fox News Have Any Male Anchors Who Aren't Chauvinist Pigs?

Todays' cringe-worthy segments suggests otherwise.


NYU Is Exploiting Workers in the UAE – Here's a Look Inside the Labor Camps

After hearing that NYU's Abu Dhabi campus was using exploited workers to build its new campus, this student went to see what was happening firsthand.

This is What Two Daredevils Saw While Climbing 2,000 Ft. Up the World's Second Tallest Building

Not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo.

7 of the World's Wealthiest Politicians and the Crazy Things They Spend Their Money On

One of them owns a gold-plated Rolls Royce. Because YOLO

This Niqab-Wearing Tech Whiz is Smashing the Glass Ceiling in the Middle East

No time for being "oppressed" – too busy being awesome.

3 Sports Events Brought to You By Brutal Dictators Next Year

Over the next year many prominent sporting events will be held in utterly repressive societies. Here's a few of them and some information on the horrible dictators who will be playing host.


Marte Dalelv: Dubai Pardons Norwegian Woman Imprisoned for Reporting Rape

Norwegian national Marte Dalselv faced 16 months in prison after she was violently raped by a coworker in Dubai. Thanks to international pressures, her sentence has now been pardoned.

8 Things to Remember for Non-Muslims Living in a Muslim Country During the Holy Month

A month of fasting, prayer, and charity has begun for a large portion of the world's population. Here are some simple tips on how to follow the rules for non-Muslims living in Muslim countries.

Think You Can Outrun the Cops? Try Beating Dubai's New Lamborghini Aventador

In its latest display of opulence, Dubai is outfitting its police officers with a new tool: a high-speed Lamborghini Aventador. But the party might end soon, thanks to dwindling oil production.