4 takeaways from Tuesday’s midterm elections

There are some more nuanced takeaways from those top-line results.

Trump administration gives states power to weaken Affordable Care Act

The new guidance, which could affect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, comes as health care has become a major issue in the November midterms.

How an unpopular tax bill is now on the verge of passage

How Republican senators went from "no" to "yes" on the GOP tax reform bill.

Why is it so hard to get mental health treatment covered by insurance? Patients face this catch-22.

Those with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other mental health conditions are more likely than medical patients to be denied claims for insurance coverage. Here's why, and how to fight back.

Maine Governor Paul LePage is threatening not to expand Medicaid despite his state’s historic vote

On Tuesday, Mainers voted overwhelmingly for a ballot measure to expand Medicaid in their state.

CBO: Obamacare stabilization bill opposed by Trump would reduce the deficit by $3.8 billion

A bipartisan bill intended to stabilize the individual health care marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act would reduce the deficit by $3.8 billion over the next 10 years.

Trump administration is set to weaken Obamacare’s birth control mandate

The Trump administration believes the birth control mandate could lead to “risky sexual behavior.”

A handful of Republicans are waging a last-ditch effort to repeal Obamacare — it’s poised to fail

The clock is running out for Republicans to make good on their seven-year promise to repeal President Barack Obama's signature domestic achievement.

Trump pivots from “fire and fury” to bashing Mitch McConnell on Twitter over Obamacare

For the second day in a row, Trump is spending his time attacking Mitch McConnell on Twitter.

The “skinny repeal” might be dead, but the fight for abortion rights rages on

Don't dance on the skinny repeal's grave yet. Congressional Republicans are sneaky.

4 key ways the revised GOP health plan is different than the original

It includes a version of the controversial "Cruz Amendment" allowing insurers to sell cheap, minimal-coverage plans.


Here’s what Ted Cruz’s health care amendment could do to your insurance

Most experts agree that premiums would skyrocket.

The left’s “Bernie wing” is ready to get arrested to save health care — and push for single-payer

The progressive left wants to save the Affordable Care Act and push for single-payer at the same time.

Senate Republicans are coming closer to repealing Obamacare and replacing it with… Obamacare?

Senate Republicans mull over changes to their health care bill that make it look more and more like Obamacare.

Obamacare had 79 committee hearings before it passed. Trumpcare had none.

Republicans jammed their health care bill through the House on Thursday.

What is the Upton Amendment? This last-minute add may have saved Trumpcare in the House.

What is the Upton Amendment, and will it fix the AHCA?

In new health care bill, Republicans propose penalizing women who've given birth

Republicans are waging war on abortion, and also proposing a $17k surcharge on insurance premiums for people who have given birth.

Navigating Trump's America: The Republican health care plan takes us back in time

Before the Affordable Care Act, people died, lost their insurance and could never find coverage.

Trumpcare changes spur backlash from advocacy groups: It "would dramatically worsen" AHCA

A revised version of the Obamacare repeal bill is here — and it's getting panned.

Repealing Obamacare won't just leave millions uncovered — it may violate international law

The U.N. is expressing "serious concern" about Republicans' efforts to repeal the ACA.

The GOP thinks their health care bill is so great, they're shielding themselves from it

Republicans want to allow insurance companies to waive Obamacare protections for average Americans, but not themselves.


Another new poll shows most Americans want Trump to leave Obamacare alone

These numbers put Trump in the uncomfortable position of having to decide between abandoning his base on the issue or angering the majority of the country.

What is happening to Obamacare? How the GOP's efforts at health care reform are falling apart

There is no foreseeable way to "repeal and replace Obamacare," because moderates won't vote for legislation that would enrage the public, and the far-right will only vote for legislation that does.

White House floats health care bill that would gut pre-existing condition protection

Insurers could charge sick people more for plans that don't even give people the care they need.

How Tom Price and the Trump administration could still gut Obamacare

Don't relax just yet. Trump could still dismantle Obamacare.

Trump launches opioid committee after GOP tried to slash substance abuse treatment funding

The GOP health care plan would have kicked off many who receive opioid treatment through Obamacare.

Obamacare wasn't repealed, but here's what to know about the ongoing fight against the ACA

Obamacare survived the Republicans' latest effort to repeal and replace it, but the GOP assault on the ACA is far from over.

What changes will Republicans make to the AHCA? Here's what's proposed.

Nothing is final, but here are the proposed changes to the GOP health care bill set for a vote on Friday.

GOP attacked "secret" 2010 passage of ACA. They're now doing the same with the AHCA.

Late night deals that keep voters in the dark? Sounds familiar.

Health Care Vote Thursday: What to know ahead of House vote on Trump's health care plan

The American Health Care Act will come to a vote on Thursday — and it may not have the necessary support to pass.