Backdoor pilot for 'Black-ish' spinoff starring Zoey to air Wednesday night

Zoey is off to college in the character's potential spinoff.


Beyoncé announces college scholarship for women in honor of 'Formation' anniversary

All right, ladies, now let's get in formation.

Kristen Stewart co-authored a research paper on AI because she contains multitudes

'Westworld' season two is gonna be lit.

Wesleyan dean fired after Boston Globe uncovers years-old sexual misconduct allegations

The university says they had no knowledge of the allegations against Backer when they hired him in 2007.

UChicago said it won't support "trigger warnings" or "safe spaces" and students are livid

Students say the administration has been "coddled," not them.


Rihanna Is Funding Scholarships for International Students

Rihanna wants to send you to college.

This Is What the Oscars Can Actually Do to Prevent #OscarsSoWhite From Happening Again

Shifting how such a big group votes will require more than just adding a few new voices.

One Chart Shows Just How Bad It's Gotten for Anyone With a Humanities PhD

Making life with an English literature degree that much harder.

64 Ivy League Students Were Just Charged With Cheating — During an Ethics Class

Do they offer courses in irony?


New Details from UNC's Academic Scandal Reveal a Problem Even Bigger than Imagined

That this was allowed is actually unbelievable.

9 Feminist Arguments Against Using Trigger Warnings in Academia

We need to rethink this ubiquitous practice.

The Powerful Way Alumni Are Fighting Back Against America's College Rape Crisis

This might be the best way yet to get universities to act.

Brown University's Ray Kelly Protest Insults Everything the University Stands For

Shutting down a lecture is no way to promote academic discourse.


6 Reasons Every Student Should Consider Taking a Gap Year

Instead of writing your college apps right now, why not consider a gap year?

These 7 Schools Have the Richest Alumni — Is Yours On the List?

If you want to strike it rich, you should take a look at these seven universities.

This University's Recent Decision is a Step Backwards for Catholic Schools

All universities, whether or not they are affiliated with a religion, should respect a woman's right to choose.

Your Education is Only As Good As Your Professors' Pay

How many of your instructors are adjuncts or non-tenure-track? The answer will tell you a lot about the bang you're getting — or not — for your buck.

I Studied in a Country With a Terrible Human Rights Record, and Here's Why That's Okay

By sending American students to countries such as Cuba, Russia and North Korea, are we legitimizing them and their human rights abuses on the world stage? And even if so, should we stop?

Harvard Professor Proves You Can Buy Your Way Into Science

A hoax paper submitted to hundreds of academic journals got accepted ... for a fee.

Providence College Cracks Down on Academic Freedom By Booting Pro-Gay Speaker

Providence College backpedaled big time and canceled a pro-gay marriage lecture scheduled to take place on Thursday. Whatever happened to academic freedom?

A Shocking Look At Who is Really Getting Financial Aid At America’s Colleges

While the purpose of financial aid should be to assist those who otherwise could not afford college, a good chunk of it goes to rich families.

American Higher Education is Too Liberal — But Not in the Way You Think

"Liberal" isn't just a political belief — it's a way of deciding which courses students should have to take. American universities are too liberal, and the consequences can be troublesome.

Alan Dershowitz Goes After Greenwald, Calls Him "Criminal" and "Phony"

Noted academic Alan Dershowitz is going after Greenwald for his actions on PRISM, but the cause of the dispute seems more personal.

For Women, Academia is Still a Man's World

Women who want families hit a barrier that men never face, says Mary Ann Mason, a professor at Berkeley.

Student Replaces Cheerleader's Name in Yearbook to "Ugly Hoe"

This is the state of our education system America. Look what you have wrought.

College Graduation 2013: For Poor Students, Staying In College Is Often Harder Than Getting In

Even after poor students get into colleges, the road to graduation is a difficult one.

Eric Hedin: State University Professor Teaches Creationism, Calls It Science

Do books like "There is a God: How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind" belong in public schools? A Ball State University professor seems to think so.