If you hate your job in your 20s, it could literally make you ill in your 40s

Take that gig as a puppy groomer while you still have time.


Heir to Aaron Swartz: Kazakh Student Alexandra Elbakyan Made a Black Market for Knowledge

The heir to Aaron Swartz is infuriating the publishing industry.

Researchers Have Created a Shapeshifting Material Inspired by Origami

Origami houses could be in our future.

Science Says Dudes Overeat on Dates, and This Is Why

Dude, where's my seventh helping of pie?

"Get Me Off Your Fucking Mailing List" Is the Easiest Science Paper You'll Ever Read

It's actually this easy to get into a scientific journal.

A Study Asked How Many Scientists Don't Believe in Global Warming. Here Are the Results.

Out of over 2,000 articles, guess how many denied man-made global warming ...

Harvard Professor Proves You Can Buy Your Way Into Science

A hoax paper submitted to hundreds of academic journals got accepted ... for a fee.

4 Shocking Things From the Secret Service File On Aaron Swartz

A number of Aaron Swartz's investigation files were released to public record recently, and I read 104 pages of federal documents so you wouldn't have to. Read the most interesting parts here.

Climate Change: Still Don't Believe it is Happening? Well 97% of Climate Scientists Disagree With You

A new survey of peer-reviewed scientific literature has found that of 4,000 papers on climate change over the past 20 years, 97% agreed that it is happening and is caused by human activity.

3 Ways Washington Should Honor Aaron Swartz

Last week, the White House announced that it will move to make publicly funded research available to the public more rapidly, but there is more to be done for true open access.

Anonymous Hacks MIT Over Reddit Co-Founder Aaron Swartz's Suicide

The hacktivist group attacked MIT servers on Sunday to post a memorial on behalf of the late internet activist and call for a "free and unfettered internet."

Aaron Swartz White House Petition: Is Carmen Ortiz the Bad Guy in the Reddit Founder's Saga?

A White House petition asking for the removal of U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, the prosecutor who pressed charges against the late Aaron Swartz, has reached 12,000 signatures (and counting).

Aaron Swartz Suicide: Was He Hounded to Death By an Unjust Prosecution?

Reddit founder Aaron Swartz suffered from depression and was under prosecution for "illegally obtaining" journals from JSTOR when he was found dead yesterday, a victim of unjust prosecution.

Big Government Stifles Biomedical Research

The NIH and the HHS should make all federally funded biomedical and health research publicly available within six months of publication.