Leaked emails reveal largest group of dietitians wants to hide ties to Big Soda

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics did not want to divulge one member's ties to the soda industry.

Are the Oscars Rigged? In a Sense, Yes.

The Oscars aren't rigged, but they do seem fixed in a certain group's favor.

Movies That Won Best Picture at the Oscars — But Clearly Shouldn’t Have

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In the end, all of the white people win — and isn't that nice?

Why 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Should Win Best Picture at the Oscars

'Mad Max' is an incredible action film, but it's also so much more.


Academy Awards Announces Plan to Diversify Membership by 2020, Organization Says

The Academy is addressing its race problem head-on.

Here Are the Actors Boycotting the 2016 Oscars, and the People Who Support Them

Here are the celebrities who won't be participating in the 2016 Academy Awards.

This Is What the Oscars Can Actually Do to Prevent #OscarsSoWhite From Happening Again

Shifting how such a big group votes will require more than just adding a few new voices.

George Clooney Says Black Actors Have a Point About Oscars Lack of Diversity

George Clooney thinks Hollywood needs to do better.

Jada Pinkett Smith Just Weighed In on #OscarsSoWhite — And She's Not Messing Around

Pinkett Smith makes a crucial point, and she's not alone.

These Great Actors Were Snubbed by the Emmys for a Very Surprising Reason

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Pharrell, Your Capri Tuxedo Pants Are a Gift From the Gods

Thank you Pharrell. Thank you.

Oscar Predictions 2014: The Same 5 Movies Are Always Nominated

Thanks to the Academy's predictable routine, Oscar speculation has lost its magic.

Cheryl Boone Isaacs is the Academy Award's First African-American Female President

On Tuesday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences elected Cheryl Boone Isaacs as its president. So far, signs have been strong she's looking to diversify the Academy.

Where is Kate Mara? Mara Misses Emmy Nomination Announcement

'House of Cards' Kate Mara was not able to make the Thursday morning Emmy nominations announcement.

Atheists Are the Most Feared Group in America — But Why?

A study out of the University of Tennessee found that the nonreligious don't differ in personality traits from the religious and can be categorized in six groups reflecting their diversity.

Michael McClendon: Is West Point Safe From the Military Sex Crime Epidemic?

Only 2.5% of military sexual assault cases end in punishment. So it shouldn't be a surprise that even West Point isn't safe from sexual predators, as illustrated by a recent incident.

Life of Pi Wins Best Original Score

Live blog for the Academy Awards 2013. Who will win at the Oscars? The excitement, the drama, all here on PolicyMic!

Adelle's Rendition of Skyfall; Lincoln Wins Best Production Design

Live blog for the Academy Awards 2013. Who will win at the Oscars? The excitement, the drama, all here on PolicyMic!

When Will the Oscars End?

Because you know it's not going to end earlier than midnight.

What Time Will the Oscars End?

Let's be real here: it's going to run late. Like really late.

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