How Many Acts in 'Fire Emblem Echoes': Here’s how long it takes to complete all the chapters

Much like any 'Fire Emblem' game, 'Shadows of Valentia' has a lot of content you can tackle before considering yourself done. We've got some info on how much.


ISIS claims responsibility for deadly Manchester Arena bombing

The group called Grande's concert "shameless."

This Muslim-owned restaurant was vandalized with bacon twice in one week

"I feel bad for whomever did this because they're carrying so much hate in them. I will get over this. I hope they get peace."

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda's 2016 Tony Awards Sonnet: "Love Is Love Is Love Is Love"

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Buying a Prepaid Phone? You Could Be Forced to Give Way More Personal Info Than Usual

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Chelsea Handler Just Frexted Reese Witherspoon a Nude Selfie For Her Birthday

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Here's What Valentines Would Look Like if They Celebrated What We Really Love

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This Waitress' Gesture Proves the Shutdown Brings the Best Out Of People

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July 4 2013: An Open Letter to the War That Took My Best Friends

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Taksim Square Protest: 11 Images From Turkey That Will Give You the Warm Fuzzies

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Russian Dash Cam Captures Amazing Acts Of Kindness

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Tsarnaev Motives: Islam Was Not a Real Factor

Instead of spinning our wheels in the wake of the Boston bombings, it's time we broke the tired cycle of blaming religion. We have too much at stake.

Ruslan Tsarni: Boston Bombing Suspects' Uncle Stands With Victims

The uncle of the Boston marathon bombers is outraged and wants both his nephews captured.


5 Acts Of Kindness From Boston That Will Restore Your Hope In Humanity

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Boston Marathon Bombing: Amazing Acts of Kindness

Media reports on Monday afternoon showed two explosions near the finish line of Boston Marathon.

Oscars Orchestra Gets Mad at Seth, Plays Over the Rest of the Show

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Candy Crowley Wrong: Why the Candy Crowley Fact Check Controversy is Outrageous

Contrary to what many pundits — both liberal and conservative — are saying, Candy Crowley corrected both candidates on Tuesday night, not just Mitt Romney.

Domestic Drones in America: 5 Reasons the FBI Should Use Drones

There are pros and cons relating to the application of drones in the U.S., but we should ultimately allow police to use them.