Trump declares “big victory” in midterms — despite the GOP losing the House to Democrats

It wasn't quite the blue wave Democrats were hoping for, but they will now control the House — something that could cause major headaches for Donald Trump.

Democrats call on Republicans to safeguard elections as Trump meets with National Security Council

Trump has repeatedly questioned American intelligence conclusions that Russia interfered in the 2016 election — and that they plan to do so again.

House Democrats say GOP blocked them from interviewing alleged Russian agent in probe

Democrats wanted to interview Maria Butina as part of their House Intelligence Committee investigation — the one Republicans on the panel ended "prematurely" in March.

Trump set to meet Vladimir Putin Monday, days after Russian indictments in Mueller probe

Democrats and former government officials fear Trump is ill-prepared for the Monday meeting.

Lifespan of an alternative fact: How Trump hatches “Spygate” and other baseless conspiracy theories

Trump has spent days claiming that the Democrats and FBI were spying on his presidential campaign — but hasn't provided any evidence to support his assertions.

Trump campaign aide Roger Stone hasn’t heard from Mueller yet — here’s what that might mean

Stone hasn't heard from Robert Mueller yet — which suggests an indictment could potentially be coming.

This week in Trump-Russia news: Trump is seeing red on FBI probes as senators stand by Mueller

Trump wants the Mueller investigation to "END NOW." But a bipartisan group of senators sent a message this week that he'd better not interfere with the special counsel.

Senate Intel Committee calls on lawmakers to safeguard elections: “The need to act now is urgent”

Burr and Warner presented a united front on Tuesday as the Senate panel finishes one piece of its bipartisan Russia investigation.

This week in Trump-Russia news: The House investigation melts down, raising the stakes for Mueller

"They tanked it from the beginning," a Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said.

“They tanked it from the beginning”: How Republicans hijacked the House Russia probe

Nunes ended the investigation Monday, concluding more than a year of political drama and chaos.

Trump calls Democrat memo “totally fraudulent” in Fox News interview

Trump claims the memo "really verifies" Nunes' initial memo about Trump associate Carter Page.

This week in Trump-Russia news: Mueller crashes through Gates as pressure mounts on Manafort

Mueller keeps right on rolling as Democrats release their response to the disputed Nunes memo.

Democrats release rebuttal to Nunes’ memo: “We can now tell you what they left out”

The Schiff memo outlines the "distortions and misrepresentations" of the Republican report.

This week in Trump-Russia news: Schiff memo blocked in display of “hypocrisy”

Trump blocked the memo, citing concerns for "national security and law enforcement interests."

#ReleaseTheMemo: What’s behind the document conservatives want you to see

What to know about the memo being touted by conservatives as "worse than Watergate."

This week in Trump-Russia news: Shutdown won’t stop Mueller probe as “witch hunt” cries intensify

Republicans have a new weapon in their war against Mueller as he gets Bannon to cooperate.


This week in Trump-Russia news: Bannon lawyers up, gets ready to take the hot seat

Bannon called an infamous 2016 meeting between Trump officials and Russians "treasonous."

In wake of Bannon’s removal, Rep. Adam Schiff recommends Steve Miller and Sebastian Gorka for ouster

The congressman called for putting "real constraints" on Trump as questions mount about his mental fitness for the job.

Rep. Adam Schiff says he “wasn’t aware” of House GOP staffers’ trip to find dossier author Steele

The congressman said he and the committee's chairman didn't know about the trip, but supported the idea of talking to Steele.

Adam Schiff calls for Jared Kushner's security clearance to be reviewed

Schiff, the top Democrat on the House intel committee, wants to know why Kushner needed a secret line to Moscow.

These devices are okay on planes — unless you're bringing them from these Muslim countries

If you're flying from Casablanca on Royal Air Maroc, don't expect to watch Netflix on your iPad.

What the leading Democrats in the Senate and House think about their inquiries into Russia

Sen. Mark Warner and Rep. Adam Schiff spoke with Mic about the status of Congressional inquiries into Russia.

Congressman's tweetstorm expertly sums up Rex Tillerson's conflict of interest with Russia

Rep. Adam Schiff laid out the conflicts of interest Rex Tillerson could have as secretary of state.

CISPA Bill: How It Threatens Privacy and Liberty

Security once again clashes with civil liberties. Which is more important in this cyber warfare context?