House Republicans pass extreme anti-regulation measures

The GOP-controlled House voted for harsh restrictions on federal regulators, citing Donald Trump's promise to "drain the swamp."

Jay Clayton: 3 things to know about Donald Trump's pick for SEC chair

Jay Clayton is a Wall Street attorney who's repped many of the biggest banks.

Donald Trump nominates Jay Clayton for chairman of the SEC

Trump has selected a Wall Street lawyer to oversee Wall Street.

Republicans Are Still Trying to Kill Net Neutrality as it Goes Back to Court Once More

Just when we all thought the battle was over.

Congress Has Turned D.C. Marijuana Legalization Into a Nightmare

So much for "limited government conservatism."


Verizon Wireless Rightfully Says the FCC Can't Decide How Bandwidth is Paid

The net neutrality rule of the FCC is in court again. Should the courts hold it, then dire consequences in telecommunications are to happen in the future.

PRISM: The 8 Tech Companies Who Gave Your Data to the Government Have This to Say About the Scandal

As government officials approve the existence of the PRISM program, the tech companies implicated are scrambling to deny their involvement.

New York State GENDA: Gender Equality Bill Is Likely to Create More Discrimination

New York state wants to protect transgender people from discrimination. Like other similar laws elsewhere, it is likely to backfire

USPS Saturday Delivery Elimination: Could It Be Illegal?

The scrapping of Saturday mail delivery may be inconvenient to some, but contrary to what Senator Collins believes, it is not illegal.

An Open Letter to Charles Koch

The people are coming to take back what's ours: our democracy. Expect us. Cordially Yours, Shawn Carrié.


The Real Toll of the French Veil Ban on Muslim Women

President Hollande is continuing Sarkozy's ill-conceived law, which violates religious freedom and singles out Muslim women in France.

Government Should Not Regulate the Free Market

We’d be better off overall if there were less government regulation in our lives.

Recent Ruling Against Citibank and SEC Nothing to Cheer About

Federal Judge Jed S. Rakoff became an OWS movement hero when he rejected the SEC's settlement with Citibank. The ruling, though, is nothing to celebrate.

Slow Job Growth Unrelated to Government Policies

Low demand, not government policy, is to blame for slow job growth.