Who is Rinat Akhmetshin? Meet the Soviet spy-turned-lobbyist who met with Donald Trump Jr. in 2016.

The former Soviet spy has been accused of organizing a hacking scheme against a Russian mining company.

Missouri Republicans just slashed the minimum wage from $10 to $7.70

The law lowers the minimum wage in St. Louis.

Coachella owner Philip Anschutz claims he no longer funds anti-LGBT groups

Is the owner of Coachella's anti-LGBT history fake news?

Transgender woman Noony Norwood shot to death in Virginia

Norwood was shot just a few days after her 30th birthday.

Shady sugar: Big Soda might be paying dietitians to tweet against the soda tax

The soda tax has proven effective, so why are dietitians saying it's not?


The NRA Just Censored 38,000 Sites to Take Down a Parody Video

The NRA was after a parody video called "Share the Safety."

This Response by Honey Maid to Homophobic Haters Is Brilliant

It gives a whole new meaning to the idea of tackling hate with love.

A New Experiment Reveals Who Your Congressman Is Really Working For

In the words of the Wu-Tang Clan, "C.R.E.A.M."


Elon Musk Donated to Anti-Science Republicans

Elon Musk's technological visions don't seem to jibe with his most recent campaign contributions.

Stop Watching Us: Protest Against NSA Set For D.C. This Weekend

What if Americans understand what the NSA is doing, but just don't care?

4 Things You Didn't Know About the Company That Owns More Than 80,000 Prisoners

Corrections Corporation of America controls the lives of more than 80,000 prisoners. Here's what you don't know about the company that profits from chains and shackles.

What I Learned On My Lobbyist-Funded Summer Vacation

Congress has been on recess, but not everyone has been back at home. So where just have some members of Congress gone? And what are its implications for Congressional ethics?

People Like Anthony Weiner Can Stay in Politics — They Just Shouldn't Campaign

Disgraced politicians have many worthwhile career options available to them. Why do they keep running for public office, when they can make a difference and get rich other ways?


Pa. Governor Tom Corbett Swears the Bribes He Took Were Legal

Initially promising to restore Pennsylvania's accountability, Corbett has accepted upwards of $11,000 in gifts from lobbyists in the past two years. He doesn't deserve his position.

Christian Fundamentalist Bryan Fischer Calls for Renaming the Boy Scouts "Boy Sodomizers of America"

Conservatives are taking to Twitter to express their outrage that the Boy Scouts lifted their ban on gay scouts.

Want National Institutes Of Health Research Funding? Better Hope Your Disease is Marketable

Increased research funding is proportional to patient advocacy ... and how sympathetic those patients seem. This concept of "deservedness" puts stigmatized diseases at a funding disadvantage.

Gun Control 2013: It's About Government Dysfunction, Not Just Principles

Gun control is often cast as a clash of principles, but 90% of Americans support expanded background checks. The bill's failure in the Senate is due to money and gridlock.

Gun Control Debate Has Smaller Presence in Public Post-Newtown, Report Finds

A Pew Research Center analysis found public interest in the gun control battle has significantly decreased since the Newtown Massacre.


Obama For America to Continue Administration Trend Of Corporate Cronyism

A new advocacy formed from President Obama's campaign will continue Obama's trend of publicly berating big business while accepting huge sums of money from them and giving their leaders benefits.

Family Research Council Blames Boston Attacks, Newtown Massacre On "Sexual Liberalism"

The Family Research Council blamed the Boston Marathon attack on "sexual liberalism" just hours before a massive manhunt was initiated for a heavily armed suspect.

Immigration Reform 2013: Wants High-Skilled Workers to Stay In the Country will place its initial focus on the passage of comprehensive immigration reform. Tech companies want to increase the number of H-1B temporary visas for high-skilled foreign workers.

Mic Check: Stephen Hawking Tells Humans to Abandon Earth

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News Wants High-Skilled Workers to Stay In the Country will place its initial focus on the passage of comprehensive immigration reform .Tech companies want to increase the number of H-1B temporary visas for high-skilled foreign workers.

Immigration Reform 2013: Mark Zuckerberg Lobbies For Change

Silicon Valley’s youngest innovators are finally dipping their toes in D.C. politics.

Immigration Reform 2013: Republican Leaders On Immigration Reform Get Millions in Funding From Private Prisons

Private prison corporations, making billions in profits from contracts with federal and state governments, donate millions to lawmakers working on immigration reform thus corrupting the process.

Organizing For Action: New Obama Lobbying Group Sends President Down a Dark Path

The goal of the new OFA group is to support Obama’s second-term policies, including curbing gun control and overhauling immigration. There is no precedent for this presidential lobbying power.

Lobbying is the Single Greatest Threat to American Democracy

Having your opinion counted is a matter of having your elected official know about it. This is the lobbyist’s advantage.