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What about this project possibly appealed to such charming, popular actors?

Who is Beth Mackey in 'Bloodline'? Here's an explainer on the mysterious character.

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Dianne Bentley saved receipts, helped take down her cheating governor husband

Former Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley did a very bad job keeping his affair a secret. Dianne Bentley saved screenshots.

The double standard on Donald Trump's infidelity reveals something deeper about the right

The GOP nominee is hardly an exemplar of marital fidelity. That doesn't matter to many conservatives.

Disclosure "Magnets" Lyrics: Lorde Plays Other Woman in Latest Video Off 'Caracal'

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Ashley Madison Hack Reveals Josh Duggar Owned a Paid Account

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When Getting Cheated On Is Actually a Blessing In Disguise

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Mark Sanford Just Posted the Most Bizarre Message on His Facebook Page

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Meet France's Bill Clinton — President Has Affair, Gets Approval Rating Bump

François Hollande's presidency has seen a modest uptick in his approval rating since news of his affair with actress Julie Gayet broke. But it may not be enough to save him.

Love Triangles Are Ruining Television's Strongest Women

'Scandal' and 'The Good Wife' both star strong leading ladies, but their story lines speak volumes about a larger television trend: TV is stil devoted to the idea of a love triangle.

Men and Women Cheat, So Don't Freak Out When It Happens in Politics

Dwelling on sexcapades won't make the American political system any better.

Women Are Cheating More, Too — But is That So Bad?

Women have upped their extramarital affairs, almost matching men. But maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Mark Sanford Billboard: Affair Becomes PR Fodder For Ashley Madison

AshleyMadison would claim to support any public figure who had an affair, as the site wants users to have affairs.

David Petraeus Speech: Former General Launches a PR Offensive in First Stage of Comeback Tour

In his first speech since resigning, decorated general David Petraeus apologized for the affair that cost him the top spot at the CIA.

'Mad Men' Season 6 Premiere Date: On April 7, Don Draper is Back (Preview)

Season 6 of 'Mad Men' premieres Sunday, April 7. A little over a month before the release, AMC released the upcoming season's first trailer, a vague, yet tempting tease of what's to come.

Jill Kelley: The Tampa Socialite in the Center of the David Petraeus Scandal

In what might as well be a made-for-TV movie, the cast of characters enrich the plot but where can it possibly go from here?

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How valid are the cover-up theories surrounding Benghazi, David Patraeus, and Paula Broadwell?

Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney: Getting Personal

We must be aware of the various breeds of political commentary, and be able to discern the relevant from the irrelevant, the personal from the important.

Was Media Scrutiny Fair to Herman Cain?

Cain has suspended his campaign because of unnecessary media scrutiny.