Asian-American students suing Harvard over race-based admissions policy get DOJ support

“No American should be denied admission to school because of their race,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in the written statement.


Mic Daily: Trump will scale back affirmative action, a judge hits back at ICE and more

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Trump administration will encourage schools to end affirmative action policies

The Trump administration will encourage college presidents to end affirmative action at their schools, reversing an Obama-era policy created to foster diversity on campuses.

Soledad O’Brien on why diversity programs fail

The broadcast journalist talks about the importance of mentorship and meeting students' real needs.

For the first time ever the majority of students admitted to Harvard are nonwhite

Harvard's diversity numbers are finally adding up.

5 big myths about affirmative action in colleges

Trump's justice department is reportedly planning to crack down on affirmative action. Here's what you need to know about what affirmative action does and doesn't do.


Report: Justice Department will investigate affirmative action policies at colleges and universities

The civil rights division is seeking lawyers to work on a new project targeting affirmative action.

Paris mayor denounces black feminist festival because it is "forbidden to white people"

On Monday, Anne Hidalgo tweeted that she had reached a "clear solution" with the organizers.

This Auburn University student completely shut down white nationalist Richard Spencer

Dozens of students and faculty members protested the event on Tuesday.

Betsy DeVos' pick for civil rights office has a terrible record on civil rights

She's an opponent of affirmative action and coauthored papers with a famous economist who opposed the Civil Rights Act.

Republicans believe Christians and trans people both face "a lot of discrimination"

There's a political divide when it comes to LGBTQ civil rights.

Fox News' Tucker Carlson is already blaming political correctness for 'Moonlight' Oscar

He called it "part of the problem with Hollywood."

Who was Bessie Coleman? The #BlackGirlMagic of the first black female pilot

The pilot is featured as today's Google Doodle.

Facebook screwed up its diversity initiative in the most depressingly predictable way

This wasn't a failure in recruitment, it was a failure in hiring practices.

A former Versace employee is claiming that stores use a code word for black customers

The ex-employee is suing the company for discrimination.

"Affirmative action" bake sale at the University of Texas sparks backlash among students

At the protest, students said the bake sale is racist, discriminatory and an inaccurate portrayal of affirmative action.


Illinois mom gives epic response to company who fired her daughter for having dreadlocks

“Why is it that dreadlocks are not permitted in your employees, but it’s ok for us to spend our dreadlock money in your company?”

Airbnb is finally doing something about its major racism problem

Airbnb users have been reporting discrimination for months now, and the company is finally taking steps to address their concerns.

Corporate diversity programs don't work, and a new study shows why

Surprise! A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work.


Country Singer Coffey Anderson Teaches Exactly What to Do if You've Been Pulled Over

The black Nashville artist posted a tutorial to help both police officers and black men stay alive.

New Poll Shows Almost Half of Americans Think "Reverse Racism" Is a Real Problem

Stop trying to make "reverse racism" a thing.

3 Education Issues That Need to Be Addressed on Top of Affirmative Action

There are plenty of issues facing people of color in the U.S. education system that have nothing to do with Affirmative Action.

Abigail Fisher Lost Her Anti-Affirmative Action Case and the Internet Is Roasting Her

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of affirmative action. The Internet is having a field day with the plaintiff.

Beyoncé's "Formation" Was Used In a Fashion Show Starring Only White Models

"No black models yet they're walking to a song about black empowerment?"

The NFL Is Considering Virtual Reality to Combat Workplace Discrimination

Is this the best way to teach sensitivity?

If You Google "Unprofessional Hairstyles for Work," These Are the Problematic Results

Google is being a little problematic when it comes to professional vs. unprofessional hairstyles for work.