US condemns “cowardly” Taliban attack that left at least 95 dead, 150 wounded in Kabul

"We stand with the brave people of Afghanistan," a State department spokesperson said.


Bowe Bergdahl won’t serve jail time. Here’s why he was on trial in the first place.

Bowe Bergdahl's sentencing Friday brings the years-long saga of his desertion and capture to an end.

Afghan war by the numbers: Here are the statistics behind the longest war in US history

Billions of dollars have been spent and thousands have been killed during the 16-year conflict.

‘Hot Mic’ podcast: Trump’s Afghanistan strategy, poll asks Americans about neo-Nazi views

The important stories to know for Wednesday, August 23.

Trump won’t withdraw troops from Afghanistan, but offers no details on time frame, additional troops

Trump won't withdraw troops from Afghanistan, despite years of advocating for an exit from the 16-year conflict.

A Trump-backed plan to increase troops in Afghanistan would betray his campaign promises

As Trump plans to announce an increase in troop levels in Afghanistan, here's a look at all the times he said he wanted to withdraw from that conflict.

5 military costs that out-tremendous the “tremendous” cost of transgender medical care

We have built facilities in Afghanistan that have never been used that cost more than these medical services.

The all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan has finally made it into the US

The girls arrived just one day before their international competition.

After being turned down twice, Afghan girls robotics team finally granted entry to compete in US

The team of six girls was finally granted entry to the U.S.

The U.S. denied visas for student robotics teams from Afghanistan and the Gambia

The teams were not given an explanation as to why their applications were rejected.

The Afghan girls robotics team denied entry to US will watch their robot compete over Skype instead

They'll be watching the competition from thousands of miles away.

Report: 4,000 troops will be deployed to Afghanistan, per White House official

A Trump White House official said the announcement could come "as early as next week."

Does Donald Trump have a plan in Afghanistan?

Trump doesn't have a clear policy on Afghanistan, whose capital just suffered one of its worst attacks in years.

Kabul Bombing Update: Latest death toll and reactions from around the world

At least 90 people have been confirmed dead in the large-scale attack.

Standing Rock was infiltrated by a private contractor who compared protesters to warring jihadis

The FBI is relentlessly focused on surveilling movements on the left as white supremacy flourishes.

'War Machine' director David Michôd on an endless war, Netflix and that "Obama" cameo

'War Machine' has an unflattering Obama cameo that may surprise people.


America's war in Afghanistan by the numbers

As President Donald Trump weighs committing thousands more troops to Afghanistan, here's a look back on America's longest war.

Donald Trump mulls sending 3,000 U.S. military troops to Afghanistan

The shift is a betrayal of Trump's "America First" promise.

Is Russia arming the Taliban? Here's what we know about the US general's claims.

Russia denys providing weapons to Taliban militants.

MOAB bombing death toll has risen to 94, Afghan officials say

No civilian casualties of the attack have yet been reported.

36 ISIS fighters confirmed dead after US MOAB strike on Afghanistan

No civilians were reportedly harmed in Thursday's attack.


What is a "MOAB" bomb? Size, cost and video of the US' largest non-nuclear weapon

The MOAB has a blast radius of about one mile.

ISIS militants kill 6 Red Cross workers in Afghanistan

Red Cross officials aren't sure why militants targeted the aid convoy.

Avalanches in Afghanistan and Pakistan leave more than 100 people dead

Avalanches in northern Afghanistan and Pakistan are destroying homes, blocking roads and trapping drivers in their cars.

Quetta, Pakistan, Terror Attack: At least 60 killed at police academy

Most of the people killed were police cadets.

The Afghanistan war is in its 15th year. Why aren’t Clinton and Trump talking about it?

America's longest war goes virtually unmentioned on the campaign trail.

15 years after 9/11, the U.S. is still bombing 6 countries

The lack of a "long-term strategy that has been effective ... should scare us," says Brookings senior fellow Shadi Hamid.

Did Media Miss the Most Important Thing About Last Week's Pakistan Hospital Bombing?

"This is nothing short of state-sponsored terrorism."