The black Baltimore arabber tradition is on its last leg. For the city’s sake, it should continue.

Arabbers, or street vendors who sell fruits and vegetables from horse-drawn carts, are a fading but uniquely Baltimore tradition that provided economic opportunity to generations of residents.

Meet Mashama Bailey, the first African-American woman nominated for best chef at the Beard Awards

Mashama Bailey is the executive chef at The Grey in Savannah, Georgia.

Meet 10 black transgender figures from history who are models for resilience

The 10 black transgender figures listed below are a reminder that despite the circumstances, we can and will overcome adversity as a people.

These 7 numbers show just how wide wealth inequality has grown in the United States

How big is income inequality in the U.S.? Here's what 2017 data suggests about the wealth gap in America.

Fox News smeared the black judge presiding over Manafort’s case. This is part of a larger pattern.

What did Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson do to warrant a mention of her son’s drug conviction, other than show up to work on Monday?

‘Big Brother 19’ Blackface Controversy: Paul Abrahamian plans to dress to mock Dominique Cooper

The resulting firestorm has fans debating the intent of Paul’s costume and whether racist motive matters.

Silicon Valley is leaning on black women to fix its diversity problem

Bozoma Saint John, Denise Young Smith and Candi Castleberry-Singleton are leading the way.

Colin Kaepernick searches for “independence” in ancestral trip to Ghana

The free agent quarterback also blasted Fourth of July celebrations with a Frederick Douglass quote.

‘Popsugar’ published an article about embracing natural hair. Zero black women were featured.

How not to support the natural hair movement, as told by one women's site.

Trump's CNN GIF has a racist history on Reddit

Redditor HanAssholeSolo has quite the disturbing post history.

White Americans more likely to own guns, blacks more likely know someone who has been shot: study

New research reveals startling stats about the relationship African-Americans have with guns.

The acquittal in Sylville Smith's death shows that too little changes in Milwaukee, despite protests

The officer that shot Smith will face no repercussions in his death. Historically, few of the city's officers ever have.

Why did two black-owned networks bring back 'The Cosby Show' amid assault accusations?

Despite the allegations against Bill Cosby, Bounce TV and TV One say viewers still want to see the Huxtables.

Charleena Lyles was the second pregnant black woman killed by police this spring

Black mothers have always been the most outspoken voices against police violence. But in these cases, they were its casualties.

What Tinashe gets right about sexism and wrong about colorism in controversial 'Guardian' interview

The singer's latest comments caused a stir on Twitter this week.

Family of Terence Crutcher, 40-year-old unarmed black man killed by Tulsa police, files suit

Shelby was previously found not guilty on a first-degree manslaughter charge for fatally shooting Crutcher.

Katy Perry talks white privilege, cultural appropriation in DeRay Mckesson interview

"I have lots of white privilege," Perry told Mckesson.

Yes, famous black men have spoken out against Bill Cosby — here's a list

Black men have spoken out against Bill Cosby.

Black people on Twitter are struggling to remember when the FBI was "honest"

The FBI has been a dogged enemy of black civil rights organizations and others.

Yara Shahidi is going to Harvard and her 'Black-ish' character is getting a college spinoff

Yara Shahidi is off to college and made it official on Instagram.


Michael Eric Dyson replaces Sen. Al Franken on 'Real Time with Bill Maher'

A spokesperson for Franken told 'HuffPost' he would not appear on Friday's show after Maher jokingly called himself a "house nigger."

"Major Trump supporter" who allegedly killed black man had previously stabbed 2 people

Phillip Wade also had a history of making anti-black and anti-Muslims statements on social media.

June 3 Google Doodle honors civil rights hero, entertainer Josephine Baker

Baker was a cabaret performer, singer, spy for the Allies during World War II and prominent civil rights activist.

Do brands support Puerto Rican Day parade after Oscar López Rivera's exit? Here's a running list.

Will brands come back to the Puerto Rican Day parade?

A noose was found inside the black Smithsonian museum in D.C.

The Smithsonian has reported discovering two nooses at two different museums in the span of a week.


5 ways Trump's Paris Climate accord decision will hurt people of color the most

People of color have more to lose when it comes to climate change.

Principal of mostly black charter school fired for neo-Nazi rings and alt-right alter ego

He said the effort to tear down Confederate monuments in New Orleans is led by a "black supremacy movement."

Bill Cosby tries to win black support before trial, despite years of berating black people

Bill Cosby has spent years castigating black people for their alleged pathologies. Now, he wants their sympathy.

President Donald Trump issues Ramadan statement, makes it mostly about terrorism

"America will always stand with our partners against terrorism and the ideology that fuels it."