The architect behind the 9/11 memorial will create a memorial for victims of Charleston massacre

Michael Arad will design a memorial to the nine victims of the 2015 attack.

Dylann Roof pleads guilty to state murder charges, avoiding second death penalty

The guilty plea was a bid to avoid being sentenced to a second death penalty.

Library named for Charleston shooting victim Cynthia Hurd hit with racist, sexist graffiti

"Go to hell black women," part of the graffiti read.

There are 10 things Dylann Roof doesn’t want to hear at his sentencing. “Evil” is No. 1.

"Evil" and "heart of hate" are among the words Dylann Roof wants prosecutors to avoid during closing arguments to the jury.

Dylann Roof Sentencing: Live tweeting the death penalty trial

The convicted killer is functioning as his own attorney and planned to deliver opening remarks.

Convicted killer Dylann Roof is, again, ruled competent for trial in death-penalty case

A jury still has to decide if will receive the death penalty or life imprisonment over the 2015 Charleston church shooting.

Dylann Roof will represent himself during sentencing phase of death-penalty trial

Dylann Roof's sentencing trial, during which he faces the death penalty, is set to start Jan. 3.

Survivor's testimony, 911 call cap Dylann Roof trial as feds and defense rest their cases

The jury could begin deliberating Dylann Roof's guilt or innocence on Thursday.

Fourth day in Dylann Roof trial reveals he had other black churches on a hit list

Dylann Roof had listed six predominantly black churches in Charleston, South Carolina, as possible attack targets.

Dylann Roof Trial Jury: 3 blacks, 9 whites to decide fate of accused church shooter

Roof represented himself while the jury pool was whittled down to include those chosen on Wednesday.

Judge rules Dylann Roof is competent to be tried for hate crimes in Emanuel 9 massacre

Jury selection in Dylann Roof's hate crime trial will resume Monday, the court said.


Dylann Roof's Lawyers Think the Death Penalty Is Unconstitutional

Dylann Roof's lawyers also challenged how a jury for his trial would be selected.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant Signed a Bill to Allow Guns in Church Without a Permit

Gov. Phil Bryant has signed a controversial gun bill into law.

Dylann Roof Pleads Not Guilty to Federal Hate Crime Charges for Charleston Shooting

Dylann Roof faces 33 charges for Charleston shooting.

These Teens Are Responding to the Charleston Shooting In The Most Beautiful Way

They're doing a mic check on racism.

Kanye West Just Spit An Epic Freestyle Addressing Racism and Charleston

Kanye West is not crazy. He might just be a genius.

12 Emotional Images Show the First Post-Shooting Sunday Service at Charleston Church

"Turn to your neighbor and say, 'It's going to be all right.'"

The Charleston Shooter's Judge Has a Shocking History of Racism in the Courtroom

And 12 years later, it's exactly this kind of rhetoric that brought us Dylann Storm Roof.

An Emotional Jon Stewart Is Left Speechless After the Charleston Shooting

"I have nothing."

The History of Emanuel AME Church Ensures it Will Bounce Back From Wednesday's Massacre

After two centuries, this church can't stop moving forward

One Tweet Exposes the Racist Hypocrisy of American Police Violence

The comparison is unnerving.

What We Know About Dylann Roof, the Charleston Shooting Suspect, So Far

Roof allegedly shot and killed nine people.

Watch Full Live Coverage of the Charleston Shooting

Watch continuing coverage.


Blacks Will Vote For Obama Despite Gay Marriage Stance

For generations, African-Americans have leaned on God's Word to raise their families. Since President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, some are behind him while others aren't.