Ilhan Omar’s ‘Daily Show’ appearance is a sign of hope for America’s refugee and Muslim communities

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar wants to fight for a better life for refugees and marginalized communities in the U.S.

Black activists ready to fight the immigrant ban because all black lives matter

"We know that an attack on any of us is an attack on all of us."

African Union tells Trump "our people were taken as slaves," but not as refugees

"This is one of the greatest challenges to our unity and solidarity."

Feyisa Lilesa's gesture of solidarity at the Rio Olympics could cost him his life

Ethiopian runner Feyisa Lilesa defied a government which has killed hundreds of people in recent months.

South Africa's First Deaf-Operated Coffee Shop to Open in June

You signed delicious!


Ghana's 'Sex and the City' Is Giving African Designers Their Long-Deserved Recognition

Carrie Bradshaw would be mad jealous.

Here’s How Trevor Noah Is Globalizing the Daily Show

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This Company Is Giving Girls Black Dolls That Are as Trendy as They Are

Black is beautiful — and seriously cool.


Watch Jon Stewart and 'The Daily Show' Expose the West's Hypocrisy on Boko Haram

IS isn't the only terrorist problem the world's facing.

We Asked Americans to Label a Map of Africa After the Boko Haram Massacre

Our little geography experiment speaks volumes.

The U.S. Has Been Secretly Involved in a War in Somalia for the Last 7 Years

And we're there helping fight a rapidly growing enemy.

It Was HELL Aboard the Hijacked Ethiopian Plane Yesterday — A Passenger Tells the Story

"Every single second of those 6 hours of uncertainty and soon-to-be death was a psychological torture."


Things You Should Never Say to a Person From Africa

"Africa's a country, right?"

Somalia Drone Strike: At Least Two Alleged Al-Shabab Members Killed

A drone targeted two men in a car, likely members of al Shabab, the terrorist group behind Kenya's Westgate Mall shooting last month.

Here's What Stands in the Way Of Africa Becoming an Economic Success

Sub-Saharan Africa is positioned for a grand economic takeoff, but realizing optimistic forecasts will require greater investments in human and physical capital.

Amid Riots in Sudan, These Millennials Are Becoming a Powerful Force

Sudan's government has now shut down internet access, as riots rage on in the country's capital. This might not be the country's "Arab Spring", but here's why protesters have had enough.


Kenya Seeks to Withdraw From the ICC — A Potentially Disastrous Move

Kenya’s attempt to withdraw from the Rome Statute undermines its standing as one of the few respected African countries in terms of law and order on the continent.

It's No Coincidence China's Huawei Corp is Taking Over Africa's Telecommunications

Many are becoming increasingly threatened in light of Huawei's influence in Africa. Is China using Huawei's technology for espionage? Should the U.S. be concerned?

Anonymous Attempts to Spark African Spring and Bring Down the Dictators

Will Anonymous bring down the African dictators?

Obama's Africa Investment is Smart Strategy With a Side Of Sneaky Dealing

Like his two predecessors, Obama has proposed his own investment plan for Africa. But the countries it's targeting are a mixed bag — some are stable and prosperous, and others are a hot mess.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Homosexuality In Some Parts Of Africa

President Obama's heading to three African countries, and is being asked about DOMA. Relatedly, here are a few things to know about homosexuality in (certain parts of) Africa.


Obama Trip to Africa: Focus Will Be On Democracy, Trade, and ... Gay Rights?

Espousing democratic values and free trade are expected when the U.S. president travels abroad, but Obama threw a fastball when he also stood up for LGBT rights.

African Union: Will We Ever See An Africa United to Fix Its Many Problem?

Africa has long been a pariah of underdevelopment, and it is high time our leaders started work towards providing people with the human dignity they deserve.

Democracy Won't "Save" Africa, the Chinese Will

While the West wrings its hands over scenes of drought and dead children and wants to “save” Ethiopia, the Chinese see a fast growing economy with 90 million consumers and business to be had.

Baga Massacre: 185 Civilian Deaths Prove Nigeria Could Lose Terrorism Battle

More than 185 civilians have been killed in attacks by the Nigerian army in Baga. If this trend continues, Nigeria will lose the battle against terrorism.