The new ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ consent rules aren’t about preventing sexual assault

They’re meant to protect the show’s producers — not the cast.

North Carolina's consent law makes it impossible to prosecute some rape cases

The state's consent law says that once someone gives consent, they can't revoke it.

Sex crime advocates say 2 underage girls forced into sex during robbery are victims, not criminals

Prosecutors are charging the teen girls as adults for their involvement in an alleged robbery.

Malaysian MP says rape victims can marry their rapists to avoid "bleak future"

Datuk Shabudin Yahaya also added that, "spiritually and physically," girls as young as 9 might be ready for marriage.

'American Crime' Season 3 Review: John Ridley's ABC series tackles modern slavery

'American Crime' season three educates about a modern plague, but never forgets to be artful.

Bill Maher defended pedophilia in 1998 and 2007. Now he's taking credit for Milo's downfall.

"I’m the only guy I’ve ever heard who defends Mary Kay Letourneau."

Ashley Judd: Children and youth are not for sex

"I know firsthand that there is no such thing as sexual consent between an adult and a minor."

Trevor Noah reminds 'Daily Show' viewers of the time Donald Trump defended statutory rape

In an interview with Don Imus, Donald Trump tried to justify sex between a 23-year-old and a 14-year-old.

The NFL just nominated convicted rapist Darren Sharper to the Hall of Fame

It's actually his second nomination in two years.

No, 'Hollywood Reporter,' Nate Parker's rape trial is not a "sex scandal"

This is not grounds for an Oscars season process story.

R. Kelly, 49, Is Allegedly Dating a Teenager: Model Halle Calhoun, 19

Age still ain't nothing but a number to R. Kelly.


Millennials Are Having Less Sex Because the Internet Is Way More Fun

"I'd rather be watching YouTube videos and making money."

What It's Like to Be a Teenage Sex Offender

As if teenagers didn't have enough to deal with already.

Gays Still Aren't Too Popular Worldwide, New Study Finds

It's not easy being LGBTQ anywhere, really.

Utah Declares Online Porn a "Public Health Crisis" — But It's Got Much Bigger Problems

Jerkin' the gherkin is hazardous to your health, according to Utah lawmakers.

This Spring Playlist Is the Sensual Soundtrack You Need for Spring Sex

The definitive spring fever soundtrack.


The Complicated Sexual History of David Bowie

David Bowie, like many, has a complicated past.

We Need to Talk About Consent During Sex — Not Just Before

What happens when "yes" becomes "no"?

Jared Fogle Had Sex With Minors, According to Child Pornography Charges Released

"The younger the girl, the better."

This Meme Reveals the Surprising Truth About How We Feel About Casual Sex

More like "Netflix and f*ck."

There's Something Very Misleading About Bill Cosby's Deposition

Basically, Cosby admitted to raping someone.

Vine Star Carter Reynold's Non-Apology Shows He Doesn't Understand Consent

Vine star Carter Reynolds responds.

This Vine Star's Leaked Video Demonstrates Why We Need To Talk About Consent

No means no — even when you're a Vine star.

The Problem With the Duggar Sexual Assault Cover-Up Nobody's Talking About

Where's the concern for the women he molested?

'SNL' Wrote a Skit About Child Molestation, and It Did Not End Well

What's funny about female teachers who have sex with their underage male students?

12 Pieces of No Bullsh*t Sex Advice From the Older Women Who Know Better Than We Do

Leave it to Barbara Walters to name her vibrator.

In One Video, These Students Remind Us What's Really at the Root of Rape Culture

Men are women are still taught to play life's rules differently.

Meet the Most Racist Politician in America

Politicians like this exist in 2014.