“Please don’t come to Africa and build a school”: What I learned from a relief mission in Chad

Chad is one of the top 10 destinations requiring urgent aid and has the some of the worst poverty and food insecurity in the world.

Trump budget director says food aid programs for kids, elderly not showing "results"

The rationale for cuts to food programs for young and old sparked outrage.

Science & Food Aid – It’s in the Bag

MIT researchers may have found a simple, science-based solution to waste less food, save money, and feed more: Build a better bag

17 Gut-Wrenching Photos Show the Crisis Everyone Needs to Remember This Christmas

A powerful reminder of those who are most in need during the season of giving.

This Is What a Refugee's Harrowing Escape to Europe Really Looks Like

From the front lines of Europe's refugee crisis.

Amnesty International Has Officially Recommended Decriminalizing Sex Work

A powerful statement for human rights.


Mexico May Have Just Figured Out the Best Way to Combat Poverty

You know what's even better than food stamps?

Shocking Truth Revealed About Liberia's Former Child Soldiers: They Were Girls

New accounts of Liberia's former child soldiers bring to light the fact that a number of Charles Taylor's fighters were, in fact, girls. Their stories need to be told.

US Foreign Aid: There's Been NO Accountability in How It's Spent

The problems with U.S. foreign aid go far beyond transparency and accountability. U.S. aid, has historically been given to countries ruled by dictators with questionable human rights records.

Senate Farm Bill: America's Food Aid Program is Broken — Here's Who's Trying to Keep it That Way

Worldwide, millions more people could be fed by American food aid at zero cost to the American taxpayer. Obama's budget tries to do this, but senators and interest groups are trying to stop it.

Bangladesh Factory Collapse: How Benetton and International Retailers Are Responding

The response of international retailers to the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh have varied from attempts to downplay involvement to pledges to pay compensation to families of victims.


Peace Corps: What I Didn't Expect to Learn

The world of NGOs and development has massive problems, but committing to solve problems abroad is worth the effort.

Rand Paul is Wrong: International Development is Vital to U.S. National Security

Critics of "foreign aid" must understand that it is one of the most critical aspects of national security, and that cutting it only puts the nation in danger.

Rand Paul Asks Does Foreign Aid Make Us Safer? Yes, It Does

Foreign aid plays a key role in U.S. national security and counterterrorism. Rand Paul is wrong to disavow it entirely.

Drone Strikes: Is Rise in Usage Doing More Harm Than Good?

Though drones aid in humanitarian relief and make the lives of some easier, they pose dangers that need to be addressed before the government can truly allow them in U.S. skies.

Debt Ceiling 2013: Foreign Aid Will Be the First Casualty of American Austerity

Congress’ current focus on cutting federal spending raises questions about the need and sustainability of all federal programs. Foreign assistance programs are among the targets of budget cuts.


G8 and G20 Youth Summit Delegations Fight for Aid Transparency

Opinions diverged at the Youth Summit Development Committee when millennials from around the world discussed aid transparency and food security.

How the U.S. Can Save Mothers in Poor Countries

The United States should improve standards for maternal health in developing countries by protecting federal funding to non-governmental organizations.

Haiti and Indonesia Recovery Shows How Global Community Can Rebuild Disaster Zones

National government agencies, foreign governments, and international organizations are all necessary to provide relief and reconstruction in the aftermath of natural disasters.

GOP Candidates Ron Paul & Mitt Romney Should Realize Why We Need Foreign Aid

Bill Gates' pledge of foreign aid to The Global Fund reflects Americans' support of overseas assistance even in an economic downturn. Too bad the GOP refuses to take note.

Why is the Costa Concordia Crash Trending More than Famine in Africa?

Media decides which topics become the focus of the public, by strategic placing on the front page. This week that article should have been the failure of the international community in Africa.


Good Leadership Essential for Development

For development organizations and projects to succeed, the people who design and implement projects should exhibit qualities of good leaders.

Philanthropy is More Effective Than U.S. Foreign Aid

Small nonprofits and grassroots movements can better achieve the goals of large scale trickle-down development projects.

India's Aid Agency Gives the West Competition

Western countries are facing growing competition from emerging nations who now also seek to provide foreign aid.

Somalian Famine Increases Piracy Threat

Humanitarian aid for the current famine is essential to dismantling the control of Somalian pirates.

South Sudan Youths' Identity Crisis

Moving forward, many South Sudanese youths will have difficulty adjusting to cultural and social alienation.


The Best Way to Fight Terror

Foreign assistance is only 1% of America's budget, but it is the most effective tool in combating terrorism. Aid builds and strengthens our ties with developing nations' peoples, stemming terror.