Rami Malek was asked if Freddie Mercury was a gay icon and it didn’t go great

"If he’s an icon to one there’s no reason that it requires another adjective, as far as I see.”

HIV-positive people with undetectable viral loads cannot transmit the disease, study shows

“You would have to have condomless sex for at least 420 years to have one incident of HIV transmission."

Scientists just hit a new milestone for testing their HIV vaccine

A potentially HIV-preventing vaccine is about to be tested on 2,600 at-risk women in southern Africa.

“We’re nowhere close to the end”: Stigma and politics stand in way of UN goal to end AIDS

The UN wants to eradicate AIDS by 2030, but challenges new and old stand in the way.

“I never dreamed this would be possible”: Working toward a world without AIDS

The United Nations has audaciously declared that HIV and AIDS will be virtually eliminated worldwide by 2030 via strategic moves for prevention and treatment.

‘BPM’ is a beautiful film about AIDS activism. How did the Oscars snub it for best foreign film?

To every extent that a film can be a shoo-in for the best foreign language film statuette, 'BPM' should’ve had it in the bag, but it wasn't even nominated.


This child kept HIV in remission for 8 years without drugs. Here’s what that really means.

More than eight years after his initial treatment, the child is still in remission.

Research finds artificial sweeteners are linked to weight gain over time

Sweeteners that are intended to help manage weight may actually be associated with weight gain, the research found.

Scientists fear oral sex could be spreading new antibiotic resistant gonorrhea

Antibiotic resistant gonorrhea is on the rise.

Trump urges people to get tested for HIV as GOP gears up to cut funding to Medicaid, family planning

The Senate health care bill would put people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States at risk, experts say.

6 members of Trump's HIV/AIDS advisory board resign

One former member says Trump "simply does not care" about the HIV epidemic.


Mississippi to begin charging $25 for HIV testing despite high HIV rates

The result will likely hurt an already overburdened population.

Wisconsin Rep. Melissa Sargent wants to make "stealthing" a crime

Sargent introduced a bill that would define nonconsensual condom removal as sexual assault.

'Cosmopolitan' ran a weight loss miracle story about a woman with cancer

The magazine said the women's harrowing story is proof "anyone can lose weight without breaking a sweat."

Reports of people being fired for having HIV spiked in 2016. Trump could make it worse.

HIV/AIDS advocates worry discrimination against those with the virus will get worse under the Trump administration.

The original 'Beauty and the Beast' cartoon was a metaphor for AIDS

The 1991 film's lyricist, Howard Ashman, was HIV-positive. He saw himself reflected in the film's material.

Trump, who dodged the draft, just called out someone else's Vietnam-era military service

Donald Trump was the "picture of health" — until the Vietnam draft. Then he got bone spurs in his feet.

Why a queer dance party was the best way to protest Mike Pence

A queer dance party? It's in our blood.

HIV-positive Americans contemplate challenges in Donald Trump's America

Living with HIV under Trump will present unique challenges.

Teens recreate Martin Shkreli's pricey drug in high school lab for just $2 a pill

Martin Shkreli trolls teens on Twitter for creating a cheaper version of his expensive drug.

HIV needs to be a part of the conversation when we talk about Mike Pence and 'Hamilton'

People are calling Donald Trump's tweets about 'Hamilton' a distraction. Here's what we should be talking about.


'How to Get Away With Murder,' 'Finding Prince Charming' show 2 sides of dating with HIV

HIV was a major character on Thursday night TV.

Everything we know about the Derrick Rose rape trial so far

A comprehensive guide to the Derrick Rose rape trial.

California Prop 60 would require condoms in all porn — here’s why that’s controversial

Polls suggest California voters are prepared to pass the proposition.

Dita Von Teese is not here for your age shaming

"If we can celebrate beauty and eroticism with all shapes and sizes, we should also think about the different stages of life."

This drag queen coated her tiara in HIV-positive blood to shatter a dangerous stigma

Electra la Cnt hopes to educate people on how HIV is transmitted.

'Empowered Trans' Video Series Allows Transgender Women to Share Their Experience With HIV

The campaign hopes to reduce stigma and spread awareness about the risks transgender women face.

Mike Pence Doesn't Understand How Condoms Work — Or How Sex Works, For That Matter

You see, Mike, when a man and a woman love each other very much...