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Delta flight reportedly forced to turn around after a man assaulted a flight attendant

The first-class passenger attacked a crew member 45 minutes into the flight.

Woman sues Delta for $10 million after drunk man allegedly gropes and masturbates at her in flight

Rhonda Costigan says a drunken passenger repeatedly groped her and masturbated openly on a Delta flight, while the crew did nothing about it.

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United Airlines removes couple traveling to their own wedding from plane

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United Airlines: New video shows bloody aftermath of passenger controversy

New video shows the United Airlines passenger saying "I have to go home" and "just kill me."

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F-16 fighter jet crashes into Maryland neighborhood, reports say

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Flight cancelled? Here's how you can do some damage control.

Racist man kicked off flight after asking other passengers if they had a bomb

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PAL-V Flying Car: You can now buy a car that flies through the air at 112 mph

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Uber is developing flying cars — but its biggest problems are on the ground

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NASA Is Developing an Electric-Powered X-Plane Nicknamed "Maxwell"

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EgyptAir Flight 804 Has Reportedly Crashed Over Mediterranean, 66 People on Board

The plane was en route from Paris to Cairo.

Female Pilots Are Accusing Frontier Airlines of Blocking Them From Breastfeeding

The company maintained they've made "good-faith efforts" to support the pilots.

This Solar Plane Just Flew Around the World Without a Drop of Fuel

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