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Ann Coulter goes on unhinged rant after being moved to different seat on Delta flight

Delta told 'Mic' that Coulter was moved to a seat in the same row.

Delta flight reportedly forced to turn around after a man assaulted a flight attendant

The first-class passenger attacked a crew member 45 minutes into the flight.

Here's why people clap when planes land

Flight attendants share their observations on what types of passengers are most likely to clap.

Woman sues Delta for $10 million after drunk man allegedly gropes and masturbates at her in flight

Rhonda Costigan says a drunken passenger repeatedly groped her and masturbated openly on a Delta flight, while the crew did nothing about it.

Delta continues to sponsor theater that depicted Julius Caesar as then-President Obama

Though Delta Airlines was quick to pull funding from a production that depicts Donald Trump as Julius Caesar, it didn't do the same for one that depicted Obama that way.


London flights canceled due to British Airways "major IT system failure"

Heathrow and Gatwick — London's two largest airports — were forced to cancel all Saturday flights on a busy holiday weekend.

Learjet 35 crashes near Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, killing two

The airplane missed the runway and crashed upon landing, setting nearby buildings on fire.

Southwest Airlines flight erupts in violence as passengers exchange blows

The latest in a list of viral airline experiences that now includes bloodied passengers, cancelled flights and dead rabbits.

United Airlines says it's reached a deal with the breeder of Simon, the giant bunny

Simon's new owners say they'll sue if they're not compensated for his death.

Spirit Airlines: Massive airport brawl breaks out after airline cancels 9 flights

Air travel isn't looking so hot right now.


Delta Air Lines: The company is apologizing today for kicking a family off its flight

It's the latest in a string of Delta customer service incidents.

American Airlines flight attendants called Muslim co-worker a terrorist, now he's suing

After filing a complaint, American Airlines put him on a watchlist and FBI agents visited his home — twice.

Royal Jordanian Airlines' compelling ad shows what it's like to be Arab on an airplane

"People who are afraid discriminate. Those discriminated against — they're even more afraid."

United passenger David Dao is getting an undisclosed settlement after dragging incident

Dao and United have reached a settlement.