Snapchat blocks Al-Jazeera channel in Saudi Arabia at government’s request

Snap Inc.’s decision to pull Al-Jazeera from its platform comes amid an ongoing diplomatic dispute in the region that began in June.


Press freedom groups concerned over Israel’s plan to ban Al-Jazeera

“Israel should abandon these undemocratic plans and allow Al-Jazeera and all journalists to report freely from the country and areas it occupies.”

The U.S. denied visas for student robotics teams from Afghanistan and the Gambia

The teams were not given an explanation as to why their applications were rejected.

Al-Jazeera becomes a target amid Qatar diplomatic crisis

Gulf states are demanding the broadcaster be shut down.

Debris from missing Myanmar plane with 120 passengers onboard found in Andaman Sea

More than a dozen children are believed to have been onboard.

At least 6 dead, 16 wounded as suicide bombers attack TV station in Afghanistan

No terrorist group has taken responsibility for the attack.

GOP runs Islamophobic attack ad against Georgia Democratic House candidate Jon Ossoff

The ad is a sign Republicans are nervous about their chances in an upcoming special election.

U.S. Military denies targeting Syrian mosque in airstrike that may have killed civilians

A spokesman for the U.S. Central Command claims that the airstrike hit its intended target.

European Union court rules that employers can ban hijabs in the workplace

First they came for the burqa. Now they're coming for the hijab.

This German high school now bans Muslim students from praying

Wuppertal High School officials called Islamic prayer "provocative."

Refugees in the US are now fleeing to Canada, because of Donald Trump

One nonprofit immigration organization has helped more than 100 refugees settle into Canada since October.

Update on Cape Town mosque attacks: Who's behind the Islamophobic acts?

The attacks are still under investigation.

Emmy-nominated journalist refused Uber service for being Arab

"You could be an attacker," the Uber driver told him.

Gunman tries to shoot way into US Embassy in Ankara in second attack of day

The incident is the second time in less than 24 hours a gunman has attacked an embassy in Turkey.

Syrian White Helmets report atrocities, massacres in Aleppo as Assad forces take control

"Bombing + shelling relentless," the White Helmets tweeted. "Casualties unimaginable. Bodies lie where they fell."

Ohio "Heartbeat Bill" co-sponsor admitted he hadn't given the abortion thing much thought

Republican Rep. Jim Buchy was at a loss when, in 2012, a reporter asked him why a woman might need an abortion.


More than 100 people killed after train derails in northern India

At least 150 more were injured.

More than 100 killed in Syrian airstrikes hours after ceasefire deal is finalized

The death toll includes 28 children.

Three Muslim siblings were kicked off a plane for allegedly receiving a text in Arabic

A passenger accused the three siblings of working for ISIS.

Gunmen Just Opened Fire in a Market in Assam, India, Killing At Least 13

The death toll is expected to rise.

Over 700 Migrants Feared Dead in a Week After Series of Shipwrecks in Mediterranean

"The reason why people are undertaking these dangerous journeys is because they have no choice."

The 2 Numbers That Put the Escalating Syrian Civil War Into Perspective

The Syrian civil war is a humanitarian disaster and these numbers prove it.

Migrant Boat Sinks in Mediterranean, 400 Refugees Feared Dead

Not much has changed from a year ago, when a near-identical incident killed 700 migrants.

Diyarbakir, Turkey Explosion Leaves at Least 6 Dead, 20 Injured

This story is breaking.


#PrayForNigeria Highlights Massive Double Standard in Media Response to Nigeria Attacks

More than 160 people have been killed by terrorists in Nigeria since late January.

11 Photos of the Devastating Landslide That Left Dozens Missing in Shenzhen, China

59 or more people are missing, according to Al Jazeera.