Exploring stillness at the edge of the Arctic

A visual bouquet, Fairbanks is filled with breathtaking sights rarely seen by the contiguous 48.

Coming up this week in politics: Trump honors ICE with ceremony as John Bolton talks to Russia

Trump will honor ICE this week as Melania combats cyberbullying, John Bolton talks to his Russian counterpart and a jury decides Paul Manafort's fate.

17 states sue Trump administration over attempt to roll back vehicle emissions standards

States are taking action on climate change and the environment — and being held accountable by their citizens.

If running is your ideal way to travel the world, here’s how to plan a race-cation

Plus, five races where you can explore amazing places, from Bermuda to Havana, on foot.

The alt-right threw a fit after Twitter unverified its top personalities. Now they’re regrouping.

Now alt-right figures are trying to regroup by direct their followers to pro-white nationalist social sites.

States will see major cuts to health care funding, according to Trump administration’s own analysis

Double-digit funding cuts to states with key Senate Republican votes imperil the GOP's latest Obamacare repeal effort.

Equifax credit freeze: Why to do this after the data breach — and how much it costs in each US state

Equifax data breach got you down? Here's how to freeze your credit and keep scammers from destroying your finances.

If money were no object, where would you go on vacation? Here’s what most Americans say.

Your dream vacation may be cheaper than you think.

This is the best free thing to do in every state in America

Whoever said, "Nothing in life is free" hasn't checked out our list of free things to do in the United States.

Senate delays health care vote until John McCain recovers from surgery

The vote on the controversial bill will wait until Sen. McCain has recovered from his recent surgery.

Even in the darkest days, Alaskans claim they’re more obsessed with ice cream than any other state

Alaskans proudly claim that they eat the most ice cream per capita of any state.

Why millennials are fleeing Mississippi — and flocking in droves to these US states

Mississippi's millennial population declined 3.9% between 2010 and 2016.

North Korea may have the technology to strike Alaska. Here’s how Alaska feels about that.

Alaska's government would feel even more assured if there were a larger military presence on their turf.

Don’t count out the Senate Republicans' health care bill. Here’s how it could still pass.

It's a narrow path, but there's still a chance Republicans will pass a health care repeal bill.

Senate Health Care Bill: How senators plan to vote on the GOP health care plan

The Senate health care bill is in peril, as at least five Republicans have said they can't vote for it in its current form.

Democrats may drag Senate to a halt over GOP's secret ACA repeal bill

The move could spook some Republican senators.

11 culinary retreats around the world for your next vacation

Here's where to have your own 'Master of None'-style cooking adventure.

Voters have news for Republicans who think their Trumpcare vote won't haunt them

The American Health Care Act is extremely unpopular — even before a negative ad blitz from Democrats.

New progressive group raises over $1 million to challenge GOP after health care vote

Republicans could face a swift backlash in the 2018 midterm elections.

Attack ads hit Republicans who voted for Trumpcare: "How could you do this to us?"

The ads will greet two dozen House Republicans, who are home for the week during a district work period.

GOP health care just passed the House. Here's why it faces a tough path in the Senate.

The bill is now in the Senate's hands, where it's expected to undergo significant, albeit currently unknown, changes.

What time is the health care vote today?

Can the Republicans pull it off?

An Alaska Rep. compared abortion to child abuse in sexual assault measure

David Eastman commandeered a resolution on sexual violence with an amendment calling abortion "the ultimate form of child abuse."

Paul Ryan says avoiding government shutdown, not repealing Obamacare is current priority

Republicans in Congress are trying to work out a deal to replace the ACA, but don't seem to have made much progress.

Kansas Special Election Tonight: What time to expect results and other important info

The special election is a potentially important one for Democrats.

These 5 images show why we still need Equal Pay Day in 2017

The wage gap isn't closing nearly as fast as it needs to.