This Week in Food and Travel: 5 reasons Albuquerque should top your 2019 travel list

And what you need to know to avoid fines at customs.

Canadian anti-abortion group makes Holocaust comparison in high school presentation

Red Deer and Area Pro-Life showed a video comparing abortion with the Holocaust at a Catholic high school.

Syrian Refugees Are Helping Canadians Displaced By Raging Alberta Wildfire

They already know what it feels like to lose everything.

Alberta Mom's Anti-Transgender Rap Is Offensive to Both Trans People and Hip-Hop

There's vomit on my sweater already. Alberta mom's so petty.

Canadian Muslims March to Show the True Meaning of Islam

The demonstration comes after the deadly shooting on Canada's Parliament Hill.


A Canadian School Is a Model for How America Should Take on the Anti-Vaccine Movement

When faced with a measles outbreak, Canadian officials took a bold stand.

Actually, You Probably WILL Guess Who Stands to Make $100 Billion Off the Keystone XL Pipeline

They're serious about making money, and they're just as serious about keeping it all to themselves.

Why I'm Giving Up On Online Dating

There's no substitute for in-person contact, and that's why online dating just isn't going to work for me.

The Big Bang Theory: How Penny and Leonard Distract Us From the Real Issues

In a world where we are facing some really serious trouble ecologically, economically, and politically, I see almost no reflections of that trouble in our popular media.


Keystone XL Pipeline is Devastating to the Environment and Will Not Create Jobs

Construction of the Keystone XL pipeline will not create long-term jobs, and will not boost U.S. oil supply. The only viable energy solution is abandoning fossil fuels altogether.