How George Soros became the target of Republican and far-right conspiracy theorists

The president and his allies keep attacking Soros — even after a Trump supporter allegedly sent a pipe bomb to the liberal philanthropist's home.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says they’re not letting China’s government access user data

Encryption is encryption, no matter the country

Mic Daily: Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings continue — and other news of the day

Mic Daily brings you a cross section of our most vital stories of the day.

Alex Jones heckled Marco Rubio right outside Twitter and Facebook’s Senate hearing

The 'InfoWars' host crashed the Senate hearings for Jack Dorsey and Sheryl Sandberg at Capitol Hill.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey may have argued to keep Alex Jones and Richard Spencer on his site

@Jack's struggle with prominent right-leaning voices continues

Anti-Trump Reddit user falsely identified as Jacksonville mass shooter by right-wing media outlets

Alex Jones’ Infowars, Gateway Pundit, the Free Republic and a Daily Caller reporter all ran with the phony story falsely labeling the shooter as a liberal who disliked Trump.

Here’s why Facebook is quick to ban users who say “men are trash,” but took longer to ban Alex Jones

The phrase "men are trash" is considered hate speech.

Trump defends free speech — by claiming social media is “discriminating” against conservatives

"Too many voices are being destroyed," Trump says as social media platforms ban and suspend conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

The #GrabYourWallet co-founder is mobilizing thousands against Twitter over its Alex Jones policy

“If Alex Jones walked into a department store and started ranting about mass shootings being hoaxes, nobody would question that store’s right to throw him out.”

Mic Daily: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defends Alex Jones’ page, Casey Affleck apologizes and more

Mic Daily brings you a cross section of our most vital stories of the day.

Left-wing news sites censored on Facebook aren’t in favor of banning Alex Jones either

"The idea that it's only far-right conservatives getting restricted and banned by these social media giants just isn't true."

Twitter CEO justifies Alex Jones’ presence on social media site in Sean Hannity interview

Jack Dorsey explains why the InfoWars host still has a Twitter page.

Mic Daily: Court orders Trump to reinstate DACA, Apple fights back against Alex Jones and more

Mic Daily brings you a cross section of our most vital stories of the day.

Alex Jones’ InfoWars content removed from Facebook, Apple

Facebook removed four of Jones' pages Monday.

“This is not ‘America First’”: Right wing rages at Trump over Syria strike

The president is facing backlash from his "America First" allies.

Pizzagate conspiracy theorists weigh in on Roy Moore allegations and it’s exactly what you’d expect

Not surprisingly, they're placing a higher burden of proof on Moore's accusers than they did on the people behind the bogus Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

Here are the 3 major narratives popping up in the far-right media’s Harvey coverage

Hurricane Harvey represents the first real test of President Donald Trump's storm readiness — and far right media wants you to know he's passing with flying colors.

PewDiePie, YouTube’s biggest star, is leaning into his new, far-right following

The far-right needs to find a way to appeal to the next generation. Have they found a new ambassador?

Megyn Kelly gets tough on Alex Jones in interview

The upcoming interview had stirred controversy all week.

With new leaked audio, Megyn Kelly’s interview with Alex Jones has gone completely off the rails

NBC News says it will still air the controversial segment on Sunday.


Alex Jones is just the latest conspiracy theorist amplified by Megyn Kelly

The NBC host is facing a barrage of criticism for interviewing noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

JPMorgan Chase pulls NBC ads over Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones interview

"As an advertiser, I'm repulsed," JPMorgan Chase chief marketing officer Kristin Lemkau tweeted earlier in the day.

Alex Jones suddenly wants the media to be "respectful and responsible"

Tell that to the families of the Sandy Hook massacre, which Jones believes never happened.

Pizzagate truthers rallied in Washington DC for the very fake conspiracy theory

The internet's cheesiest conspiracy is still going strong.

Trump is in regular contact with Alex Jones, who thinks Sandy Hook was a government hoax

"Trump and I have talked several times since the election," Infowars founder Alex Jones said.


Alex Jones Mistakes Eric Andre for Trevor Noah at RNC, Is Given Offer of Cuckolding

After Jones mistook the two comedians for one another, Andre gave Jones an indecent proposal.

13 Problems Only Libertarians Will Understand — in GIFs

It's impossible for any libertarian to go through life without experiencing these problems on more than one occasion.

How Climate Change Helped Fuel the Syria Refugee Crisis

And how it will keep fueling future crises, until we learn how to take a proactive approach to humanitarianism.

Washington Navy Yard Shooting a False Flag, Say Conspiracy Theorists

Conspiracy theories surrounding the shooting at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard already abound.