This Week in Food and Travel: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spent most of her campaign waiting tables

Obama scooped at Baskin Robbins and Rahm Emanuel lost a finger at Arby's.

After one journalist’s sexist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez critique goes viral, the memes ensue

Ocasio-Cortez called out journalist Eddie Scarry for writing a tweet scrutinizing her clothing.

Who are the Coptic Christians? What to know about the religious minority attacked in Egypt

Gunmen attacked a bus carrying Coptic Christians Friday, killing dozens and wounding others.

Egypt Bus Attack: Gunmen kill more than 20 in attack on Coptic Christians

Gunmen opened fire on a bus in the latest attack on Egypt's Christian minority.

Coptic church attacks: Egypt's president declares three-month state of emergency

In a rare move, Egypt's president, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, deployed troops to assist police in securing key locations.

Egypt bombings: Blasts targeting 2 Coptic churches kill dozens on Palm Sunday

ISIS claimed responsibility for the Palm Sunday bombings, which targeted churches in Alexandria and Tanta.

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'The Walking Dead' season 7 finale theories: 6 predictions for episode 16

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'The Walking Dead': Preview, Start Time and What's in Store in Midseason Premiere

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Rand Paul Plagiarism: Decide for Yourself

In addition to plagiarizing his father's ideology, Rand Paul can't help plagiarizing other things, too...

Why Are Egypt's Christians An Easy Target?

Christians have had a presence in Egypt longer than they've had one in Europe. But when crisis comes, they're often the first to get the blame. Why?

This Egyptian Child's Drawing Will Break Your Heart and Give You Hope

Kids say (and draw) the darndest things. In the aftermath of the bloodiest day of protests since Tiananmen Square, you need to see this photo.

The Egyptian Military is the Problem, Not the Solution

Egypt's military has had an outsize role in politics for 60 years. A new constitution must put an end to its reign, and in the process, eliminate political violence once and for all.

SCAF Ousts Morsi's Brotherhood in Egypt: Now What

The relationship between the Egyptian military and the public has a long and complicated history in the country.

Egypt Protests: Paid Protesters Mean Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Egypt continues to be roiled by protests as disagreements over the new government and constitution divide the country. But, are all those protesters 'real'?

Hostess Bankruptcy: Why Twinkie Will Survive

Life is short, except for shelf life. All the rivers run into the sea, but the Twinkie abides.

Innocence of Muslims Controversy: Who Coptic Christians are, and What They Believe

Three factors in the history of Islam and Christianity in Egypt may be behind the film that sparked a Mideast crisis: a power shift, exclusivism, and separation of faith & state (or not).

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is Sam Bacile, and Robert Brownell is Alan Roberts: Behind Innocence of Muslims

The search for the person behind the film that's prompted deadly riots across the Muslim world keeps taking one weird twist after another.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is Sam Bacile: Claims Role in Movie, Innocence of Muslims, That Sparked Deadly Libyan Consulate Attack

A relatively new Facebook page purportedly belonging to a filmmaker named "Sam Bassel" of California appears it may have a connection to the movie that spurred Libyans to storm a U.S. consulate.

Egypt Pyramids And Other Wonders of the World Are Being Destroyed

The destruction of historical monuments erases the record of past civilizations for the short-sighted egoism of today's living people. We should do something about it.

Solar Eclipse History 101: 5 Civilizations and How They Viewed the Solar Eclipse

As you prepare to observe today's solar eclipse, check out how ancient civilizations observed them before us.

Egypt: A Complex and Grueling Revolution

Tunisia witnessed a popular uprising that sparked a peaceful movement, but democracy in Egypt will not be so orderly. The imminent revolution will tear the region and reshape U.S. policy.