Muslim philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi featured as Google Doodle

Abdul Sattar Edhi was hailed as Pakistan's Mother Teresa.


Syrian rescuer sobs as he pulls a days-old baby from the rubble of an airstrike

As Russia sends more warplanes to Syria, children are being caught in the crossfire.

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Nobel Prize Committee's Devastating Letter to President Barack Obama

On the fifth anniversary of his peace prize, the Nobel committee has a tough message for the president.

Next Nobel Prize Awards Should Include a Brand New Category

The Nobel Prize has a science category, but not one for innovation in engineering and technology. To stay relevant, the next new category should reflect the changing times.

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The One Quote That Proves Malala Should Have Won the Nobel Peace Prize

Though she missed out on the Nobel Peace Prize, it's clear that one of the world's leading peace advocates is now a 16-year-old girl from rural Pakistan.

I Used to Care About the Nobel Peace Prize

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10 Weirdest Ig Nobel Prize Winners This Year

Science can be funny, too. For 23 years, the Ig Nobel Prices has rewarded scientists for their work whose subjects can only make you chuckle.

Arbor Day 2013: How Planting Trees Promotes Equality

This Arbor Day, remember Professor Wangari Maathai, who founded the Green Belt Movement to plant trees and empower the women and children of Kenya.

Nobel Peace Given to the European Union Could Be Illegal

According to the will of Alfred Nobel made in Paris on November 27, 1895, in setting up the trust in his own words, it is clear that only individuals were intended to be recipients of the awards.