Career inspiration: 15 emerging jobs growing fastest in the US

Looking for a new job in 2018? Coding gigs are hot, but you don't have to love math or science to get in on an emerging career area. Here are ideas and some smart advice.


Facebook and Google’s algorithms prioritized fake news in the wake of Las Vegas shooting

Despite being patently false, reports naming the wrong man as the Las Vegas attacker promptly embedded themselves in both Facebook and Google’s algorithms.

Explore the science of travel

Personality meets personalization.

Googling 'Martin Luther King' returns neo-Nazi propaganda. Why won't Google fix it?

White supremacists have been on the cutting edge of technology for decades.

Twitter is betting on algorithms to punish trolls before you report them

Twitter wants to flag abusive accounts before you have to.

Did the Holocaust happen? Google's top search results still say it's a hoax

Google promised to fix its Nazi problem. Two weeks later, nothing has changed.

Data shows race and sex bias is costly for gig economy workers at startups like TaskRabbit

The algorithms behind apps like TaskRabbit may have a racial bias.

Artificial intelligence predicts results of human rights trials with nearly 80% accuracy

An international team of scientists found a way to predict the outcomes of the vast majority of human rights trials.

If Websites Were Designed Better, People Might Be Harassed Less

Some simple changes could have a huge impact.

Instagram's New Algorithm Is Going to Determine the Order of Your Feed

More Kardashians, fewer sunsets.


This Arabic Programming Language Shows How Computers Revolve Around the Western World

People across the globe are learning to code so that they can partake in the digital revolution.

What Does Obama's Cryptic Message on Technology Really Mean?

Some think he's targeting encryption — and that'd be a huge mistake.

Here’s Why Coding Is Much More Creative Than You Think

This programming language is changing how we create.

Virtual Reality Gaming Could Be the Key to Getting More Girls to Code

"It's not just learning to program for the sake of programming."

U.S. Police Are Getting a Crime Prediction Map Straight Out of 'Minority Report'

There's a big problem with pre-crime prediction models.


This Computer Learned 'Super Mario' From Scratch — And Now It Can Kick Your Ass

How MarI/O learned to play is fascinating.

How a Simple Google Image Search Exposes Society's Most Harmful Stereotypes

If humans are visual learners, then these Google image searches teach the wrong lessons.

Three Brilliant Innovators Aaron Sorkin Should Document Other Than Steve Jobs

Maybe try looking for people who are truly blockbusters.


17 Rare Images Tell the Real Story of Women in Tech

The industry would look nothing like it does today without women. Sponsored by Cole Haan.

These Vivid Photo Filters of the Future Make Instagram Look Like Child's Play

You'll never think of photo editing the same way.

A Computer Program Just Did What No Artificial Intelligence Has Done Before

A simulated 13-year-old boy just seriously challenged the line between human and machine.

Computer Programing Could Soon Be Considered a Foreign Language in One State

Choose one: Spanish, French, German, or C++.

The Best Job of 2014 Has Been Announced. Did You Study the Right Major in College?

One field dominates the top 10.


"Delightful" Little Blue Robots Will Teach Youngsters How to Code

Thanks to Play-i, tiny one-eyed robots will soon take steps to fill America's conspicuous digital literacy void.

Black Girls CODE is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Black Girls CODE needs continued public support to ensure that young women across America have access to computer programming and engineering courses.

Can Computers Stop Bullying?

Think computer science geeks can't stop bullying? Think again.

Lady Ada Lovelace: 4 Women in Computer Science Who Deserve a Google Doodle

On December 10th, Google honors Ada Lovelace in honor of the early computer programmer's 197th birthday. Here are the top five other female computer programmers Google should Doodle next.