Betsy DeVos releases new rules on sexual harassment and assault that expand rights of the accused

The proposed rules will give accused students full due process rights and raise the bar for what constitutes as sexual harassment.

Bakersfield, California, police arrest black teen girl mistaken for a large, bald black man

In a viral video, Tatyana Hargrove alleges that the officers punched and threw her to the ground as a K9 officer attacked her.

Baylor University regent reportedly referred to female students as "perverted little tarts"

Emails from former regent Neal "Buddy" Jones might betray "a Baylor nexus between alcohol use, sexual promiscuity and low character."

Henry Bello, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital shooter, may have had a history of sexual misconduct

Bello was convicted of unlawful imprisonment for assaulting a woman in 2004.

Fyre Festival organizer Billy McFarland charged with wire fraud

McFarland is facing a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Bill Cosby to appear in court for alleged 1974 assault of 15-year-old girl

Cosby will appear in court on July 30, 2018 for allegedly forcing a teen girl to perform oral sex on him over 40 years ago.

Bill Cosby's lawyer says it's "unfair" to make ailing comedian stand trial for "age-old accusations"

Brian McMonagle suggested the comedian — whom dozens of women have accused of sexual assault — is the real victim here.

Watch 2011 footage of the Alexandria shooter talking at an Occupy Wall Street event

"The 99% are getting pushed around," alleged shooter James Hodgkinson told a St. Louis news station.

Employees at Ivanka Trump's Indonesian factory allege verbal abuse and paltry wages

One woman only sees her children once a month because she can't afford to raise them on her meager wages.

Is 'Bachelor in Paradise' canceled? Season 4 rumors swirl after sexual misconduct allegations.

Warner Bros. has already suspended production and sent the 'Bachelor in Paradise' cast home.

3 key takeaways from day 4 of the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial

Day 4 presents perhaps the most damning evidence to date.

First witness in Cosby trial recalls actor checking to ensure she swallowed the pill he gave her

Kelly Johnson said Cosby inspected her mouth to make sure she swallowed a white pill.

'The Keepers' update: The latest on Sister Cathy Cesnik's case

Netflix's true-crime docuseries has reopened a decades-old cold case in Baltimore.

Fox News — employer of Jesse Watters — is worried about Ben Jacobs' "ambush" journalism

On Wednesday, the Gallatin County Sheriff's office charged Gianforte with misdemeanor assault.

3 more Fox News employees are suing for sexual harassment and racial discrimination

Fox News’ legal troubles continue with a new crop of discrimination allegations.

Fox News just fired an anchor for making an "insensitive remark" to a black employee

Bob Beckel has a history of making racist remarks on TV.

PR firm founder accused of assault launches company called "Dignity for our Daughters"

Trevor FitzGibbon's former employees say he's using his new company to shame his alleged victims.

Title IX suit alleges up to eight Baylor football players drugged and gang-raped a student

In Baylor's seventh Title IX suit, a former student alleges the university discouraged her from reporting a 2012 gang rape.

California high schoolers suspended for liking racist Instagram post say it's free speech

Is liking racist Instagram posts free speech?

3 Muslim inmates are suing a Denver-area prison for religious discrimination

The prison guards allegedly used pepper spray, beatings and solitary confinement to intimidate the Muslim inmates.

Andrea Tantaros has filed another suit against Fox News for spying on her

The lawsuit claims the network's executives cyberstalked Tantaros to intimidate and upset her.

German-Russian suspect bombed soccer bus, then blamed Muslims, investigators say

"The fact that someone wanted to enrich himself by killing people to influence the stock market is particularly reprehensible."

'The Keepers' trailer previews the chilling unsolved murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik

The newest series in the true crime genre chronicles the unsolved murder of a Baltimore nun.

Lawsuit: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray "raped and molested" teenager in 1980s

The progressive mayor denies the accusations and vows to stay in the re-election race.

US accuses Google of "extreme" gender discrimination

The allegation comes days after Google touted having closed its gender and race pay gaps.

Robert Bentley: Could Alabama's governor face impeachment over ethics investigation?

The "Luv Guv" might not love where this is going.

Former Thinx CEO Miki Agrawal's feminist vision is imploding — and we can't look away

Agrawal's downfall asks us to consider what a feminist workplace really looks like.

Who is Juan Thompson, the former 'Intercept' reporter accused of JCC bomb threats?

This is the latest episode in a pattern of erratic behavior.

Kesha opens up about her eating disorder in new PSA during ongoing Dr. Luke legal battle

The singer shares heartfelt plea in light of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

Only 2 of 50 Bill Cosby accusers will be allowed to testify in his sexual assault trial

Out of the many women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, only 2 will testify when he finally stands trial.