Las Vegas just became the largest US city to run solely on renewable energy

A greener future is possible — and Las Vegas just proved it.

Renewable energy just got bigger than fossil fuels by one key measure

And a lot of that is thanks to China.

Costa Rica has been powered by renewable energy for 76 days. Could the US pull that off?

Costa Rica didn't use fossil fuels for electricity for two months.

These Charts Show the US Is Using More Solar Power Than Ever

Goodbye, fossil fuels.


Germany Is Showing the Rest of the World How to Tackle Global Warming

They just set an insane record.

The Amazing Ways Our Bodies Could Become Living Batteries for Technology

This is the future. It's not as scary as it sounds.

This Conservative Texas Town Is Proving Green Energy Isn't Just For Liberals

"I'm probably the furthest thing from an Al Gore clone you could find."

The One Thing Everyone Is Missing About Streaming Music

The repercussions run far deeper than anyone is acknowledging.

Forget Fracking: Solar Power Actually Has a Bright Future in the US

Renewable energy is growing faster than ever.

This Revolutionary New Reactor Could Change Civilization As We Know It

Good things come in small packages.

This Country Leads the World in Clean Energy — And the U.S. Could Learn Something From It

It's an important case study for the rest of the world.

This Weird, Massive Tower May Be the Future of Energy in the U.S.

This is a bold step towards sustainable energy.


Elon Musk Has a Radical Plan to Finally Turn Around America's Energy Crisis

If the government can't stop China from winning, he will.

This Japanese Company Wants to Power the Entire Earth With the Moon

Shimuzu Corporation says they have the answer to Earth's energy problems: A giant solar power facility on the moon built by robots.

How You Can Use Business Strategies to Save Our Planet

As one student activist group in Georgia has found, taking a business approach to clean energy may be the smartest strategy.

Solar Power: Will Water, Wind, and Solar Power Save Our Electric Grid?

Discussing whether to continue to invest in the current power grid or other energy sources, and how the government is lending help in developing clean energy.

Earth Day 2013: How Celebrating Earth Day is Hurting the Planet

Sorry, environmental activists: Spelling out CO2 with your GPS devices is not ending climate change.


Green Energy Will Win With Government Subsidies and Tax Incentives

In order to protect jobs, investments and our troops overseas, the federal government still needs to support the fast growing green energy sector.

Solar, Wind, and Other Renewable Energy Jobs Are a Perfect Fit For Veterans

With record unemployment in the veteran population and record growth expected in the renewable energy field, matching veterans with clean energy jobs is a no-brainer.

How Solar Power Can Be Used to Make Brownfields Green

Cities should offer PACE funding to owners of brownfields in order to construct solar arrays on the unused sites.

My Night With Newt Gingrich and Bobby Jindal at the NY State GOP Annual Dinner

Thursday night I attended the NY GOP Annual Dinner with speakers Newt Gingrich and Bobby Jindal. I live-blogged the event on facebook. This article tells of my experiences that night.

High Gas Prices Should Spark Washington to Pursue Alternative Energy Solutions

Politicians should use the latest rise in gas prices to push for alternative energy solutions.


U.S. Military Is Lean And Mean — And Green

The U.S. military is taking renewable energy and energy independence seriously. If it works for them, it can work for the rest of us.

Solar Energy: An Expensive Path to Job Creation

Clean energy projects, like solar, guarantee neither cost-effective energy efficiency or permanent job creation.

Nuclear Energy Dangers in A Post-Fukushima Age

Fukushima should be used as an incentive to replace nuclear energy with sustainable alternatives.

Eliminate Energy Subsidies to Encourage a Sustainable Future

Government gets in the way of developing sustainable energies. Consumers and unfavored businesses would benefit if the government got out of the energy market.