The problem with cashless restaurants

A 2015 study found 360,000 households in New York City did not have access to a credit card.

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Amazon’s Long Island City deal surprised local organizers. But they are ready to keep fighting.

“This was a secret deal that was made without any transparency,” a member of the Long Island City Coalition said.

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All the dramatic ways cities begged for the Amazon headquarters deal

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Amazon’s recruiting software that ranked men higher than women is a lesson in AI bias

The software reportedly penalized resumes containing the word “women’s.”

The Chinese government infiltrated Apple and Amazon servers with a tiny microchip

U.S. investigators revealed that the servers containing these rogue chips were assembled by Super Micro Computer Inc.

Amazon’s minimum wage boost will strip hourly employees of bonuses

On Tuesday, Amazon announced that it would increase minimum wages to $15 an hour.

Amazon raises its minimum wage to $15 per hour for all US employees

The new rate will go in effect on Nov. 1.


Amazon publishes a library of white nationalist books and magazines. They know it, and won’t stop.

Misogynist extremism is off the table. Racism? Anti-Semitism? For Amazon, that's fine.

A scammer behind hundreds of fake reviews on TripAdvisor receives 9-month prison sentence

“Writing fake reviews has always been fraud, but this is the first time we’ve seen someone sent to jail as a result.”

Counterfeit reusable straws are being sold on Amazon

The founder of FinalStraw — a collapsible stainless steel straw — is worried about the health risks associated with knockoffs of her product.

In an ACLU test, Amazon’s facial recognition tech wrongly matched mugshots to 28 members of Congress

Amazon needs to update how it teaches its artificial intelligence.

How to use less plastic in your everyday life

One expert says in order to reduce your waste, start with the big four: plastic straws, water bottles, coffee cups and plastic bags.

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Amazon sold facial recognition software to law enforcement. Here’s why some say it’s dangerous.

Police have already used recognition software to scan license plates at a mosque and faces at a demonstration for Freddie Gray. What's next?

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The Rooney Rule is often touted as a means of diversifying the upper ranks of companies and organizations. Here's how it works — and where it comes up short.

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Hey Alexa, get ready for an update.

Trump continues attacks on Amazon, takes aim at California Gov. Jerry Brown in tweetstorm

Trump has apparently taken to calling the governor "Moonbeam."

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As Amazon creeps into the health care space, a new study suggests competitors like Walmart actually have a price advantage for most consumers.

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