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The Best Amazon Black Friday 2016 Daily Deals: Diamond jewelry, Adidas, Oculus and more

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The Best Amazon Black Friday 2016 Daily Deals: Disney, speakers, games and more

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The Best Amazon Black Friday 2016 Daily Deals: Puma, speakers, toys and more

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The Best Amazon Black Friday 2016 Daily Deals: Vacuums, scooters, 'X-Files' and more

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You should update your older model Kindle by Thursday if you still want it to connect to the internet!

There's Bad News for E-Readers — And Great News for People Who Still Love Actual Books

E-book sales are down, but book sales are looking up.

No One Is Reading All of Those Bestselling Books

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Cell Phones and iPads On Planes? What the New FAA Rules Mean For You

The FAA is announcing new airline policy changes that could allow e-readers and tablets during takeoff and landing. Is this really a good thing?

Apple Antitrust Trial: Judge Finds Apple Guilty Of Anti-Trust Violations

U.S. District Judge Denise Cote ruled that Apple Inc. conspired with five major publishers to raise the price of ebooks. Cote deserves respect for confronting the technological superpower.

Amazon Most Well-Read City: Is it Really Alexandria, Va.?

Amazon has declared Alexandria, Va. America's most well-read city, but what does that even mean and what was the company's methodology?

Google Glass to Be Manufactured By Foxconn in California

The new product will be manufactured in the Golden State, but by Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn.

Digital Books: The Decline Of Print Books Matters

Aside from nostalgia and sentimentality, there's the distraction factor.

Marty Mallick: Skype, Amazon Kindle and WatsApp Are "Committed" to BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry's Senior Director of Business Development highlights BlackBerry 10's "committed apps."

Kindle Fire HD vs Kindle Paperwhite Review: Which Is Right For You?

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iPad Mini Rumors: Apple Will Take Over the ERead Market With iPad Mini

Rumors indicate that Apple will introduce the Apple Ipad Mini tomorrow in San Jose, California. The product's success hinges on costs and integration with iBookstore application.

Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Paperwhite Show Amazon is at War with Apple iPad Mini

Amazon's new Kindle Fire, a Justice Department settlement, and an aggressive pricing strategy suggest the company is not content to simply make a great tablet. It wants to dominate Apple.

E-books Are the Future of Art: How Paperless Publishing is Creating a New Art Form

E-books and paperless publishing may represent an accessible new art form.