The Amber Rose SlutWalk calls attention to voting ahead of midterm elections

Mic Dispatch correspondent Yoonj Kim attended the day-long festivities to find out why it was important for Rose to mobilize new voters this election season.


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Amber Rose on pressures of rape culture: “I said ‘no’ but I did it anyway because I felt obligated”

Ahead of the Amber Rose SlutWalk, the activist speaks candidly about sexual violence and gender inequality.

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Mic Daily is a cross section of our most vital stories of the day.

Amber Rose on Kavanaugh allegations: “No woman wants to be famous for being the girl that got raped”

Rose urges people to protest against Kavanaugh's nomination as she prepares for the fourth annual Amber Rose SlutWalk.

Janelle, Michael B., Amber Rose, Remy Ma and more of the best dressed from the 2018 BET Awards

Lakeith Stanfield wore a wig on the red carpet, and Janelle opted for a spectacular rainbow dress.

After Amber Rose posted a now-deleted picture of her pubic hair, an unexpected call to action arose

After sharing a picture of her own pubic hair, Rose asked others to take part in the #AmberRoseChallenge in an effort to destigmatize pubic hair.

13 best clapbacks of 2016, from "delete your account" to Amber Rose's slut-shaming rebuke

Hillary Clinton, Amber Rose, Chrissy Teigen and several others hit back hard this year.

Gossip site Bossip just showed how not to talk about Amber Rose's attraction to trans men

Here's how not to write about trans men and people who date them.

Kanye West's leaked demo of "Famous" originally came for both Amber Rose and Taylor Swift

The queen of the slut-shaming clapback would've had a field day with that one — and still might.

Amber Rose speaks out about feeling "body shamed" on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Amber Rose's body-shaming problem speaks to the complicated reality of having a black female body.

Amber Rose wants you to know that makeup is powerful, and slut shaming is getting old

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Wiz Khalifa slut-shamed Amber Rose, the queen of clapbacks — and she's not having it

Rose laughed off the incident in a tweet — because she's heard it all before.

Amber Rose Perfectly Clapped Back After People Made Homophobic Comments About Her Son

People called her son Sebastian gay because he played around in her wig.

Amber Rose Just Issued a Flawless Defense of One of the Most Widely Reviled Sex Acts

We'll give you a hint: It's a number between 68 and 70.

Amber Rose and Tess Holliday Reveal the Truth About Pregnancy Sex

It's not everyone's cup of tea.


Amber Rose Says Ian Connor Has Raped 21 Women, Not Just 7

Ian Connor's alleged victims are calling Amber Rose.

Amber Rose Just Nailed the One Thing About Stretch Marks That All Women Need to Hear

In other international news, Amber Rose is still shattering ridiculous body standards all over the world.

Amber Rose Has No Time for People Who Hate on Her for Being a Sexually Liberated Mom

"I sleep like a baby at night."

Amber Rose Wants to Raise Her Son to Be a Feminist

She wants to teach him to stand up for gender equality.

Amber Rose's SlutWalk 2016 Is Expanding to Fight Rape Culture on Both Coasts

"It’s an extreme form of bullying, especially slut-shaming."

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian West Are Forming a Powerful Anti-Slut-Shaming Coven

They're combatting slut-shaming, one topless selfie at a time.

Amber Rose Disses Donald Trump, Praises Kim Kardashian West

Amber Rose doesn't want Donald Trump in office.

Amber Rose's New Emoji App MuvaMoji Trolls Bill Cosby, Kanye West Like Only Amber Rose Can

Amber Rose has a new emoji app — and it's every bit as Amber Rose as you'd expect.


Amber Rose Posts Topless Picture on Instagram to #FreeTheNipple

Amber Rose just went all in on freeing the nipple.

Kim Kardashian West's Nude Selfie Immortalized as Mural on Melbourne Wall

Kim Kardashian West's nude selfie is now a giant mural; have at it, internet.

Amber Rose Calls Out Pink for Her Kim Kardashian West Subtweet

"But please as a grown woman let another grown woman live as she wishes."