Airlines waste incredible amounts of food. Here’s how some are trying to do better

Airlines produce approximately 5.2 million tons of waste per year.

Airlines may soon be legally required to add more legroom and increase seat sizes on airplanes

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Getting compensated from an airline is tough as it is, but here are the rare instances in which you are entitled to getting your money back.

Mic Wakeup: NAACP gives warning, PR wants Whitefish out and why the DNC funding dossier isn’t big

It's Thursday, Oct. 26. Here are three things you need to know.

NAACP urges black passengers to avoid American Airlines, alleging a pattern of racial discrimination

Until American Airlines addresses allegation of racial discrimination against black passengers, a national travel advisory will stand, the NAACP said.


Airlines dispute claims they’re hiking ticket costs as Floridians flee Hurricane Irma

The cost of one-way tickets out of some Florida airports has reached over $1,000. “It’s just the way ticket pricing works,” says American Airlines.

Phoenix heatwave causes American Airlines to cancel 50 flights

Planes may not be able to take off in the 120-degree heat.

The 11 best airport bars in America

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Report: An airline made 2 Muslim men deboard a plane and go through airport security all over again

The Thomas Cook Airlines incident is the latest in a spate of airlines making international headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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American Airlines flight attendant allegedly hits woman with stroller in confrontation

Video shows an American Airlines flight attendant challenging another passenger, who stood up for the woman, to a fight.

United passenger on overbooked flight pulled from seat and dragged, viral video shows

Passengers on United flight 3411 shared footage of a man being forcibly removed from his seat and pulled off the plane.

The Chainsmokers New Album Release Time: What to know ahead of Friday's drop

The EDM duo's debut album is titled 'Memories ... Do Not Open.'

Cancelled flight? Here's how to rebook or get a refund.

Flight cancelled? Here's how you can do some damage control.


Winter Storm Stella flight cancellations: Thousands of flights canceled due to storm

Thousands of flights have been canceled due to Winter Storm Stella.

American Airlines: Latest on Philadelphia airport blackout that led to major delays

An American Airlines computer outage caused delays and grounded flights to and from Philadelphia International on Wednesday.

Northeast Snowstorm Update: Storm Niko airport closures and flight cancellations

Over 1,700 flights are canceled or delayed in the New York City area alone.

How one woman's Facebook post spurred massive airport protests after Trump's Muslim ban

Meet the women who helped lead the revolt.

14 photos show the massive protests against Trump's Muslim ban at airports across the US

Thousands gathered at airports across the country to protest airport detentions.

New York taxi union declares work stoppage in protest of Donald Trump's Muslim ban

The taxi drivers' union is heavily Muslim and mostly immigrant — just the people Trump wants to ban.

The truth about United charging for overhead storage — and why airfare costs are rising

There's a good reason to buy plane tickets sooner, rather than later, if you're struck with wanderlust.

O’Hare Plane Fire: American Airlines Flight 383 "engine issues" cause massive runway fire

This story is breaking.

2 Muslims Kicked Off American Airlines Flight Because Flight Attendant Felt "Unsafe"

Don't ask for a glass of water on an American Airlines plane. If you're Muslim, you might get booted off.

Mohamed Ahmed Radwan Kicked Off Plane After Flight Attendant Said 'You Will Be Watched'

An American Airlines flight attendant told him "I will be watching you" over the plane's intercom.

Ivy League Professor Kicked Off Plane For Writing "Arabic Symbols," aka Math Equations

The woman sitting next to him thought something didn't add up.

DC and NYC Airports Weather Delays 2016: How Winter Storm "Jonas" Will Affect Travel

Flying this weekend? Not if Winter Storm Jonas hits.