Almost 90% of schools reported 0 instances of rape in 2015. That doesn't seem right.

We know rape and sexual assault on campus happen all the time. So what's with all those zeros?


Dear Ivanka, this is what American women need right now

You've declared yourself an advocate for women.

Tuesday is Latina Equal Pay Day — here's why it's important to make that distinction

There's a startling reason Latina Equal Pay Day falls so late in the year.

Today Is Equal Pay Day if You're a White Woman

Don't put your party hats on just yet.

Men on the Internet Are Saying "Actually—" to Equal Pay Day for Women

The wage gap controversy continues.


91% of Colleges Claim Sexual Assault And Dating Violence Don't Happen There

This data defies "reality and commonsense."

California Passes Fair Pay Act to Close the Gender Wage Gap Even More

Now it's time for the 49 other states to follow.

College Women Sound Off on the Disturbing Sexism They Face Every Day

This goes beyond those gross banners.

Dear Bernie Sanders: This Is What You Need to Know About Black Lives Matter

If you really want to demonstrate that you care for black lives, you actually have to listen to black people.

These Are the College Majors Where Women Make More Money Than Men

They're not what you expect.

This Video Perfectly Shows How the $10 Must Change to Actually Represent American Women

Slapping a woman on the front won't cut it.

6 Battles Feminists Everywhere Are Still Fighting for Women's Rights

What, in fact, are we celebrating this month?

Want to Know How Much More Money Your Male Coworkers Make? Check This Map

A picture says a thousand, infuriating words.

Leading Female Conservative Says Women Won't Find a Husband if They're Paid the Same As Men

What's that, you say? You want a husband and equal pay?

In Every Single State Women Make Less Than Men — See For Yourself

There's no explanation for this phenomenon — except the obvious one.

Student Debt is Now a Weapon in the War on Diversity

The student loan scandal hits all of this generation's borrowers hard, but it takes particular aim at the already marginalized: women, people of color, and LGBT folks.

Student Loans 2013: Debt is Crushing Female College Grads

College debt is a startling issue that affects the masses of young graduates entering the work force today, and millennial women are hit the hardest.

Valentine's Day 2013: Chivalry Isn't Dead, It's Just Different

The definition of "chivalry" has changed for the better. As long as men are respectful, it doesn't matter if they don't hold open doors, pay for dates, or shower women with empty pleasantries.

If More Women Than Men Are Graduating From College, Than Why Aren't Women Making More Money?

Women are swarming college campuses, but consistently earn less than their male counterparts after graduation, even when they put in the same hours at the same job.

Top 4 Biggest Gains and 4 Largest Losses for Women in 2012

Women had significant gains and losses in 2012 in policy focus, women elected to Congress, visibility at the political conventions, Olympic gold medals and more.

Massachusetts Has One of the Worst Wage Gaps in the Nation

The wage gap between men and women in the U.S. is a national trend — and it turns out Massachusetts, one of the most progressive states, fares badly when it comes to equal pay for equal work.

GoldieBlox: Giving Little Girls Tool Kits Instead of Dolls Could Help Close the Pay Gap

It'll take more than new toys to fix gender inequality in the American workforce, but new toys that teach girls from a young age that they can go into any field they want is a huge step.


Equal Pay for Equal Work: Why the Gender Pay Gap is Alive and Well in America

An America Association of University Women study shows women's salaries are lower just one year out of college. Discrimination, not just career and family choices, is the culprit.

How to Sort Through the Overload of Political Candidate Information

An illuminating exchange on PolicyMic inspired me to wonder if more voters could help devise a sorting tool to deal with the abundance of available information on political candidates.