As president, Trump has met with 122 execs whose companies have been fined $90B for breaking the law

The fines covered legal and regulatory violations stemming from the financial crisis and more.

Report: Jared Kushner appears to be siding with the lone Democrat in Trump’s White House

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These are the richest people in the world in 2017

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Trump adviser ordered Goldman traders to keep working on 9/11, according to a documentary

In the chaotic minutes after the attack, Cohn stayed focused on making money.

Jay Clayton: 3 things to know about Donald Trump's pick for SEC chair

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CFDA strengthens its diversity guidelines in the days leading up to New York Fashion Week

“Our objective is to make a shift on how the model of color is viewed."

This North Carolina Megachurch Preschool Is Being Sued for Ejecting Kids With Disabilities

Answering the question: What wouldn't Jesus do?

South Carolina Special Election 2013: Elizabeth Colbert Busch Fights Back Against Whisper Campaign About Divorce

Today the electoral battle between Mark Sanford and Elizabeth Colbert Busch promises to be a tense and exciting race. Follow the PolicyMic liveblog as we give you live coverage and the results.

Forbes Billionaire List 2013: Koch Brothers, Bill Gates Make the Cut

Nearly 1,500 people made the list this year, but the ones we really care about are those who write hefty checks for political campaigns and movements.

Donald Trump Lawsuit Threat Targets Petition That's Actually Making Him Richer

Donald Trump is threatening to sue the leader of a petition that calls for the removal of Trump's spokesmanship and products from Macy's. The whole scenario creates publicity in Trump's favor.

Thanksgiving Day Parade 2012: Time for Macys to Dump Donald Trump as a Spokesperson

One of Macy’s biggest spokespersons is providing a direct counterpoint to the warm, fuzzy feeling we’re supposed to have about the department store, especially as they gear up for Christmas.

Facebook (FB) Stock Plunges, Insiders Start Dumping Shares

Facebook's stock hit a new low on Thursday, as their "lock up" period expired.