Police save teen's life after Facebook Live suicide attempt, thanks to concerned viewers

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Logic's latest track praises the work of suicide prevention hotlines

The rapper partners with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for a new track, "1-800-273-8255," detailing their vital work.

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This Taboo Topic Is Comedy's Final Frontier

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Overnight Walk 2013: How You Can Help Stop Suicide

Suicide is a public health problem that impacts our economy, mental health, and even gun control policy. How can we help end it?


Why Do More Americans Die From Suicide Than Car Accidents?

Retirement and the recession may be to blame. Baby Boomers are weaning off their full-time jobs, which for many means a loss of daily structure, social engagement, and a sense of purpose.

Hyundai Suicide Ad Gets Pulled

A new Hyundai ad showed a man attempting to commit suicide by flooding his garage with fumes, but "humorously" failing to pull it off thanks to the new car's 100% water emissions.