Republican health care bill would cause 6.4 million young adults to lose coverage, study finds

Roughly one in eight millennials would lose coverage under the House GOP's American Health Care Act.

GOP health care plan would cause 23 million people to lose insurance, CBO says

Trumpcare would disproportionally impact older and poorer Americans, the CBO says.

Republicans passed the American Health Care Act. Then only 7% of them held town halls.

Only one in 14 House Republicans held a town hall during the recess last week.

Donald Trump tweets perplexing statement honoring Women's Health Week

And it certainly raises some questions about his health care plan.

I have a pre-existing condition. Here's what it may cost to keep me alive under the AHCA.

What happens when I'm left uninsured and my body goes haywire, creating millions of rapidly dividing cancer cells?

Voters have news for Republicans who think their Trumpcare vote won't haunt them

The American Health Care Act is extremely unpopular — even before a negative ad blitz from Democrats.

New progressive group raises over $1 million to challenge GOP after health care vote

Republicans could face a swift backlash in the 2018 midterm elections.

Democrats are ensuring that Trumpcare will "haunt" House Republicans

In the wake of the AHCA's passage in the House, Democrats smell blood.

3 huge problems in the GOP's health care bill that everyone should be talking about

Trumpcare will affect more people than you think — maybe even your insurance.

Health Care Bill: Doctors sound off on Twitter, call Obamacare replacement a "disgrace"

Medical professionals called the bill's passage "heartbreaking."

What is the Upton Amendment? This last-minute add may have saved Trumpcare in the House.

What is the Upton Amendment, and will it fix the AHCA?

House Republicans vote to defund Planned Parenthood

Republicans in the House of Representatives just passed the American Health Care Act.

GOP's health care bill passes in the House, heads to the Senate

The bill now heads to the Senate where its fate is uncertain.

A former Obamacare chief read through the revised AHCA — and he has some grave concerns

The extra protections for people with pre-existing conditions won't be nearly enough, experts say.

In new health care bill, Republicans propose penalizing women who've given birth

Republicans are waging war on abortion, and also proposing a $17k surcharge on insurance premiums for people who have given birth.

Paul Ryan says GOP will still work on health care fix, but gives no details on the plan

Paul Ryan said the GOP will still work on health care, despite the White House saying Republicans will move on.

What changes will Republicans make to the AHCA? Here's what's proposed.

Nothing is final, but here are the proposed changes to the GOP health care bill set for a vote on Friday.

Health Care Bill 2017: What a House "yes" vote means for you

Here's what's riding on today's Trumpcare vote in the House.