Goldman Sachs May Face Charges Over Its Handling of Leaked Regulatory Documents

Can anybody say revolving door?


Leaked Audio Reveals Just How Much Wall Street Walks All Over the U.S. Government

A whistleblower recorded 46 hours of conversation.

AIG CEO Thinks That Criticizing His Bonus is "Just As Bad" As Lynching Black People

AIG CEO Robert Benmosche thinks that widespread outrage over massive bonuses for bankers who wrecked the economy is "like what we did in the Deep South."

Was it the Lehman Brothers Crash? Here's What Really Caused the Great Recession

Over four years later, we're still missing the forest for the trees when it comes to the biggest financial meltdown since the great depression.

Ben Bernanke is in a Battle With AIG and Taxpayers Should Be Up in Arms

Though AIG shareholders' suit against the U.S. government is the height of ingratitude, a federal judge was right to rule that Bernanke should be deposed.

Ben Bernanke AIG Testimony: The Shroud of Secrecy May Finally Be Lifted Off the Financial Crisis

We may be getting awfully close to understanding more about the bailout packages that were delivered through the TARP by the secretive Federal Reserve by Chairman Ben Bernanke.


AIG Lawsuit Gets Class Action Status, As Bailed Out Shareholders Sue Government

Hank Greenberg, former AIG CEO, is suing the U.S. Government for $55 billion, calling the government's actions unconstitutional and excessively punitive.

AIG Lawsuit: Why American International Group Might Sue the Government

AIG's possible lawsuit against the government is inhuman, but very predictably business-like. Can the two be reconciled?

AIG May Sue the Government For Bailing it Out 4 Years Ago

How much will the government give financial institutions before people realize that this is getting out of control?

AIG Lawsuit: Elizabeth Warren Rips AIG For Thinking About Suing the US

AIG is thinking about joining a $25 billion shareholder lawsuit, because it thinks the terms of the government bailout were "unfair."

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Rightly Tells Employees Not to Take Advantage of Goldman Sachs Op-Ed

Dimon has made it clear that he does not want his employees to “seek advantage” from “Muppetgate.” Though many may see this as honor among thieves, I see it as the logical thing to do.


Bailouts Saved Us From a Second Great Depression

If libertarians had been calling the shots in Washington in the fall of 2008, the United States might now be in a second Great Depression.