Trump’s feud with CNN looms over pending merger between Time Warner and AT&T

Trump's antagonistic relationship with CNN will make it harder to separate the merger ruling from his personal animosity.

Will ‘Glow’ be renewed for season 2? Even the cast doesn’t know what’s going on.

No official word yet on this nostalgia-filled new series.

'Glow' Release Time: When to watch the new series on Netflix

The wild new Netflix comedy is coming to small screens on Friday.

Cannes Film Festival has a dog award and the winners are so darn cute

Adam Sandler's canine costar from 'The Meyerowitz Stories' has won a coveted Palm Dog award.

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'The Meyerowitz Stories' has Cannes audiences praising Adam Sandler's performance

Critics are heralding Adam Sandler's performance in 'The Meyerowitz Stories' as his best work in years.

US told CNN not to report info Trump gave Russians because it could "get people killed"

Jake Tapper challenges White House messaging that what President Donald Trump's disclosure was "wholly appropriate."

Trump's lawyer tweeted out a photo of his daughter in lingerie and it's backfiring

Twitter users are slamming attorney Michael Cohen for sharing a photo of his daughter in a bra and tights.

Live updates from the 'Mic' Kentucky roundtable with Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez

Follow along live as 'Mic' talks to Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez in Kentucky.

Viral photo of Jewish couple and Muslim mother shows the beauty of diversity

"This is my America: people letting people be people."


Who is Gary Cohn? One of Trump's most trusted advisers is a Wall Street Democrat.

As Trump attempts to pivot toward the center, a Democrat former Goldman Sachs executive gains White House influence.

Eric Trump: Nepotism is "kind of a factor of life"

"We might be here because of nepotism, but we're not still here because of nepotism."

David Schwimmer teams up with Emmy Rossum and more for video series on sexual assault

Video series #ThatsHarassment shows everyday occurrences of sexual harassment with Emmy Rossum and Cynthia Nixon

Are Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus losing influence in the Trump White House?

Will Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner replace Bannon and Priebus as Trump's real chief advisers?


Jewish Center Bomb Threats Update: Israeli-American teen believed to be behind threats

A suspect has been arrested in connection with a series of threats made against JCCs.

Zac Posen adds his name to the robust list of designers who refuse to dress Melania Trump

"There are issues that are being questioned that are fundamentally upsetting to me — deeply."

'SNL' skewers Ivanka Trump's role in dad's administration with ad for "Complicit" perfume

"She's a woman who knows what she wants and knows what she's doing — complicit."

Al Franken accuses Jeff Sessions of committing perjury during his confirmation hearing

"It's hard to come to any other conclusion than he just perjured himself."

What Melania Trump wore in her sixth week as first lady — all 4 times we saw her

Three appearances to add to her now total 14 appearances as first lady.

#DemExit: Are progressives really abandoning the Democratic Party?

Who's behind it — and how much support does it really have?

JCC Bomb Threats: Another wave of threats directed at Jewish Community Centers reported

Monday's bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers are the fifth series reported in 2017 alone.

The Anti-Defamation League headquarters received an anonymous bomb threat in NYC

The ADL is one of the largest organizations combatting anti-semitism in the U.S.

Donald Trump fires senior national security staffer for criticizing him

The Associated Press reported that Stephen Bannon and Jared Kushner are making policy without consulting the NSC.

Steve Bannon once ran a scammy 'World of Warcraft' gold farming operation

Former white nationalist news editor Steve Bannon once facilitated scamming 'World of Warcraft' players out of their money.


Bernie Sanders: "Of my many attributes, being a great dresser, a fashion maven, isn't one of them"

Jake Tapper's pronunciation of "Balenciaga" alone deserves a listen.

Uber drivers want their CEO to step down from Trump's advisory council

A petition urges Uber to be better.

Ivanka Trump's glamorous photo op prompts Twitter backlash as Muslim ban rages

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner grin in formal wear as refugees and legal permanent residents were detained in airports.

Millie Bobby Brown of 'Stranger Things' makes modeling debut with Raf Simons' revamped Calvin Klein

The 14-piece collection was announced without any pomp or circumstance via the brand's website.