Surprise: Sarah Palin has bad opinions about the O'Reilly sexual harassment accusers

In an interview with CNN, Palin said that the women O'Reilly allegedly harassed should have come forward sooner.

Donald Trump adds "notorious Islamophobe" to his transition team

Gaffney was one of the loudest voices of those who accused President Barack Obama of being a Muslim.

Donald Trump VP Nominee: Who Would Trump Pick as His Vice Presidential Running Mate?

If, hypothetically, Trump gets the nomination — hypothetically — who's his VP?

Sean Hannity: Fox News Show Descends Into a Childish Discussion Of "MILF"s

Fox News has a hard time staying on topic.

CPAC 2013: Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter Deliver Wildly Entertaining Speeches

Palin and Coulter brought some much-needed entertainment to an otherwise drab convention, and that is why they are two of the most sought-after speakers on the conservative circuit.


"Friends of Hamas" Huge Anti-Hagel Lie Made Up By

Right-wing site Breitbart published a damning story linking Obama secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel with a group called "Friends of Hamas." Just one problem ... It's made up.

5 Huge Lies From the Right Wing Media That Conservatives Still Think Are True

Conservative media have invented stories that were accepted as gospel. These stories are completely made-up or go through a conservative spin machine to twist facts, and were never corrected.

No, Chuck Hagel Did Not Take Donations From "Friends of Hamas"

Andrew Breitbart may have passed on, but his site continues to live — and now it's spreading vicious false rumors that Chuck Hagel took money from Hamas.

Media Scandal Surrounding a Fake News Story Epitomizes the Sorry State Of Journalism Today

The "Friends of Hamas" scandal illuminates two key problems with contemporary journalism: media bias and hyper-competitiveness.

Tea Party Response to State of the Union

There will be two big highlights in Obama's other-wise-boring speech: The rebuttals by Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.

7 Dumbest Things Sarah Palin Said On Fox News

The Maverick has left the building, but not without leaving some gems.

Jim DeMint, Ron Paul Sympathizer, Resigns to Lead Heritage Foundation

Senator Jim DeMint, who said the GOP should take Ron Paul and libertarians more seriously, has been named as the new head of premier conservative think tank.

Michael Moore Obama Ad Makes Lena Dunham First Time Ad Look Oscar Worthy

Lena Dunham's Obama ad last week looks Academy Award-worthy compared to Michael Moore's horrific elder-ploitation ad guaranteed to drive people away from Obama.

Chris Christie Meet the Press Interview: NJ Governor Tries to Rescue Romney on National TV

With Romney sinking in the polls, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and VP nominee Paul Ryan are being deployed to try to revive the GOP ticket on the Sunday morning political talk shows.

Ann Coulter Sandra Fluke Comments: On Standing Up and Stopping Sexism

Ann Coulter's tasteless, sexist commentary on Sandra Fluke's DNC speech damages all women in politics.


Obama Born in Kenya Allegation: New Birther Evidence Claimed By Andrew Breitbart Blog

A conservative blog claims to have evidence in the form of a promotional booklet that said President Obama was born in Kenya. And the massive LOLz Birther movement is born again.

Is Rush Limbaugh Repeating Glenn Beck’s Mistakes?

Have Rush Limbaugh's recent "slut" comments on Sandra Fluke done permanent damages to his career?

R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012

With the passing of Andrew Breitbart, the world lost one our best conservative media moguls. His conservative activism and writing impacted conservatives everywhere.

Merry Gaffe-mas: Top 5 GOP Candidate Gaffes

Relive the Republican candidates' missteps along the campaign trail this year.

Perry v. Romney Showdown

Who won last night's GOP debate? Weigh in on the candidates, their performance, and their platforms.