Scientists say you should play video games on your breaks at work

Somebody file an expense report for an Xbox, pronto.


Here are the most common New Year's resolutions people make — and usually drop

The most common resolutions are for personal wellness. Studies show you'll likely give up on them by February.

On this day in 1973, the APA declared that homosexuality is not a mental illness

The decision marked a major step forward for the LGBTQ rights movement.

Here Are the Facts on Mental Health and Socioeconomic Status to Put Things in Perspective

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How to Deal With Anxiety in the Words of People Who Have Battled and Studied It for Years

Here are five tips for dealing with anxiety.

Sexting Can Actually Be Awesome for Your Relationship

STFU, sexting shamers. You can now feel free to hit "Send" without shame.

I Infiltrated an 'Ex-Gay' Group in New York City — And This Is What It Did to Me

Soon I found myself spinning a carefully-calculated backstory about "Auggie," the man I would become for the next several months.

Handcuffs, Baby Powder & Duct Tape: The Most Jaw-Dropping "Conversion Therapy" Practices

No one becomes straight by being stripped naked in front of older men.

6 Lies We Need to Stop Telling About People Who Are Spiritual

What you should know about this rising population.


9 Reasons Why America Should Never Have a Female President

Just look at the data.

Science Reveals People Who Spend Friday Night at Home Have an Advantage Over Rest of Us

The next time your friends call you a homebody, show them this.

The True Damage Racist Mascots Do to Native American Children

A new report outlines the real consequences of there cultural caricatures.

The Biggest Lies About LGBT People, Debunked on One T-Shirt

The fight for equality is far from over.


19 States Still Allow Spanking in Schools and the Statistics Are Shocking

Disabled and minority students in rural areas suffer the worst, but there's one bill that could change it all.

New Year's Resolutions, Redefined By 20-Somethings

The government actually keeps a list of the most popular New Years resolutions.

See How Anti-Abortion Activists Are Scamming Pregnant Women With Fake Health Clinics

So-called crisis pregnancy centers are funded by state dollars, associated with religious and anti-choice organizations, and are lying to women.

Gay Conversion Therapy is Not Free Speech — It's Child Abuse

Gov. Christie has banned "gay conversion therapy" in the state of New Jersey. Many argue that this is infringement on the First Amendment rights, but this time it is worth it.

Supreme Court DOMA Reaction: The Family Research Council's Social Media Skills Are About As Bad As You'd Expect

Following SCOTUS' ruling on the unconstitutionality of DOMA, the Family Research Council has launched a double-entendre-ridden ad campaign against it.


4 Ways You Can Survive Living With Your Parents

Unemployed and living at home? Me too. Sometimes its really sucks but here are some tips on how to stay sane.

National Teacher Appreciation Day 2013: How Teachers Can Help Stop Bullying

May 7 is National Teacher's Day, and one oft-overlooked fact is how teachers are the front line of defense between children and bullies. Here's how they can help, and we can help them.

Gay Conversion Therapy: Why States Should Follow California and Ban Harmful Anti-LGBT Treatment

Medical authorities do not consider so-called "gay conversion therapy" to be therapeutic. State legislatures should not consider it free speech.

Why Are Millennials Unhealthier Than Their Parents?

A new study found that adults age 30 are so unhealthy they are like their parents or grandparents were at age 45. What's this all about?

38 Completely Normal Thoughts to Have As College Graduation Looms

Senior year's a blast, except for finals, job applications, and the unknown road ahead. Stop stressing! Here is a list of completely normal thoughts to have as graduation approaches.


Antonin Scalia Gay Marriage: Justice Wrong About Same-Sex Parenthood

Scalia’s comments ignore the growing consensus that same-sex couples are fully qualified to raise children, at least as much as their straight counterparts.

Attention, Employers: Even in Job Postings, Men and Women Actually Speak the Same Language

According to new research by the American Psychological Association, women are more likely to pursue jobs if they are described in "feminine" terms — but what are feminine terms, exactly?

Millennials Most Stressed Generation: Previous Generations Need to Cut Us Some Slack

A new study reveals we're the most stressed out generation, so previous generations need to realize we're not "entitled" for spending a little more time than necessary fretting about our lives.

Do Millennials Care Only About Making Money?

Are we a generation of get rich quick? Studies show it's true, but it's quite a hefty insult to an entire generation given our unique relationship with money, the economy, and our ideals.