5 things the 2009 stimulus — which Trump said didn't build anything— built

Donald Trump once praised the 2009 stimulus package, before attacking it Tuesday at a forum with business CEOs.


Barack Obama's top 5 political accomplishments

He has been hailed as one of the most consequential presidents.

The Trump administration is ignoring one of the fastest-growing sources of new US jobs: Renewables

Green energy jobs are growing fast, pay well and are hard to outsource.

Mike Pence Net Worth: Here's what we know about the incoming VP's wealth

Is Mike Pence really part of the middle class?

New Rules to Require Equal Bathroom Rights for Trans People in Most Federal Facilities

Around 1 million employees and many other guests will now be granted equal bathroom rights.

Food Stamp Cuts 2013: We're Missing the Point About SNAP

There are a plethora of issues surrounding food stamps that are being ignored while we focus on the House's recent $40 billion in cuts to the program.

Food Stamp Cuts: The Other Despicable House Vote That Should Enrage You

With everyone paying attention to Thursday's vote to defund Obamacare, this crucial House vote might get lost by the wayside.

The $33 Billion Cost That We Could Be Avoiding

An outdated and vulnerable power grid system is costing Americans $33 billion a year. Who is going to pay for the bill?

3 Ways Obama Plans to Combat Climate Change, And Save His Legacy

President Obama is expected to announce a number of executive orders to reduce America's carbon footprint and curb global warming — which could just save his legacy.

Electronic Health Records: What’s Wrong With a $6.5 Billion Medical Gold Rush?

The government has given out $6.5 billion in incentives to get doctors to use electronic health records, but doctors lag behind, and digitizing health records has become big business.


Steven Chu Resignation: Energy Secretary Steps Down

Chu announced in a letter that he'll leave the administration as soon as a successor is confirmed. Obama praised him for "moving American towards real energy independence."

Election Results: Romney Will Lose Election 2012, But Here is How He Could Easily Have Won

Time and time again, the Romney campaign had an opportunity to bring a damaging blow to the struggling Obama administration, and they simply failed to do so.

Who Won the Debate Last Night: On Energy Policy, Romney Loses, Obama is Thinking Ahead

At Tuesday's debate, President Obama's focus on renewable energy suggest a responsible, long-term vision for U.S. energy policy.

Second Presidential Debate 2012: Debunking the Top 10 Economic Myths From Obama

Debunking the myths associated with the 2009 stimulus, Obamacare, the American Jobs Act, and the economic recovery under Obama.

Obama vs Romney Polls: Why Romney 47 Percent Gaffe May Actually Help Him Win the Election

Though widely perceived as a blunder, Mitt Romney's remark "47%" remark could propel him to victory in November.


Obama vs Romney: Republicans Blame President for High Poverty Rate They Helped Create

Mitt Romney reaches the right conclusion about poverty in America, but for the wrong reasons.

Romney Meet the Press Interview: Proof That Romney and Ryan Are Full of Flip Flops

The GOP ticket's rhetoric is in sharp contrast to its governing style and voting record.

RNC Schedule of Speakers: Paul Ryan RNC Speech, and Its 5 Key Distortions

Last night Paul Ryan accepted the Republican Party vice presidential nomination. Here are 5 key distortions from his speech.

The Romney Ryan Energy Plan Will Not Make America Energy Independent

The plan offers no new proposals other "than drill baby drill" and deregulation, deregulation, deregulation.

Paul Ryan Economic Plan: Back in Wisconsin, Constituents Are Not Doing So Well

Constituents say Paul Ryan's economy isn't working for them.


Obama Private Sector Doing Fine Comment is Wrongheaded and Out of Touch

President Obama thinks the private economy is "doing fine," and proposes hiring more government employees. But do we really need more cops, firemen and teachers?

Paul Krugman Proven Right on Stimulus Bill and Anti-Austerity Theories

Unlike many critics of the stimulus bill, Paul Krugman's assessment of the stimulus bill has proven correct.

Why We Need a New Cash for Clunkers to Promote Green Energy

The United States Department of Energy should administer a Cash for Clunkers program to encourage consumers to purchase smart appliances.

SpaceX Will Be the Next Solyndra Disaster if Government Holds Space Privatization Back

Green energy is a big boondoggle — but will the space industry be any different?

After 1,200 Days, Obama Has Left His Mark on America

Republicans claim that the fate of Obamacare places President Obama's legacy in jeopardy. They're wrong.


Unemployment Rate is Actually at 14.5%, Despite Obama Administration Claims Otherwise

Despite the fact that unemployment has dropped to 8.2%, the economy is far worse off that the Obama administration is letting on. He's praying that the true numbers never become widely known.

Barack Obama's 2013 Budget Fails to Make the Tough Cuts America Needs

For a president seeking reelection, the budget proposal is about shoring up support and giving the people what they want.

Running On His Record Won't Get Obama Anywhere

President Obama cannot win by running on his record, so he is trying to focus the attention onto Republicans and away from himself.

The Green Necessity

Growing a new, clean energy economy requires just the kind of bold, forward-thinking energy policy that the Obama administration has pursued since taking office.