Nearly 40% of Donald Trump supporters say minorities have "too much" influence in US

Believing men and whites have "too little" influence in American society is a key indicator of Donald Trump's support.


The Ongoing Divisiveness Surrounding Men Who Wear Earrings

A little stud can carry a lot of meaning.

The U.S. Economy Hates Obese Women

This runs deeper than just the gender wage gap.

What I Say to Miss America, And Anyone Who Still Thinks Women’s Beauty Is Only Bikini-Deep

Should we care that the largest benefactor of women’s scholarships ranks women based on what they look like in a bathing suit? Hum, yes.

This is Why You Can't Wear White After Labor Day

What do a fashion no-no and the deadly Homestead strike have in common? The answer might surprise you.

The Real Reason Obamacare Won't Work

Amidst the plethora of arguments that have been raised for and against Obamacare, the issue of whether or not it is compatible with American social values had been largely, and wrongly, ignored.


Gay Couple Forced to Back Of the Bus Gets An Apology, But It's Not Enough

The recent discrimination against a gay couple in Albuquerque demonstrates that the cultural debate over homosexuality is not over, but the response also demonstrates progress and hope.

Two People Steal The Same Bike, What Happens Next Is Something Black People Know All Too Well

What's race got to do with it? Everything. Especially if you're stealing a bike.

Atheists Are the Most Feared Group in America — But Why?

A study out of the University of Tennessee found that the nonreligious don't differ in personality traits from the religious and can be categorized in six groups reflecting their diversity.

Immigration Reform 2013: It's What Jesus Would Do

Support for immigration reform amongst evangelical Christians is on the rise as they criticize existing laws and call for a solution that "respects the God-given dignity of every person."

Sandy Hook Shooting Proves Mass Violence is an Epidemic in America

From Columbine, to Blacksburg, to Aurora, to Clackamas, to Newton, to many other communities in the United States, gun violence against innocent civilians has become an epidemic.


Obama Immigration Policy: Don't Expect Hispanics to Come Out to Vote in Election 2012 (+Video)

As President Obama and Mitt Romney continue to try to conquer the Latino vote, Spanish-speaking network Univision has launched a video to promote voter participation among Hispanics.

America's Schools Bleach Out Minorities and Fail to Teach Multiculturalism

To participate in a diverse America and a multicultural world, our children must learn the alternate narratives, different perspectives, and new ideas wrought by the nation’s cultural diversity.

From Trayvon Martin Hoodies to Shaima Alawadi Hijabs: Who is Responsible for Hate in America?

Following the hate-driven murder of Trayvon Martin and Shaima Alawadi, we need to pay attention to the real cause of hate crimes in America: Messaging around fear, hate, and contempt of "others".