What happened the last time the US banned some semi-automatic guns

The 1994 ban on some assault weapons wasn't a resounding success — but experts remain clear that a ban would be an effective way to help prevent mass shootings.

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GOP Lawmaker Raffles 2 AR-15 Assault Weapons Days After Similar Gun's Use in Mass Shooting

The lawmaker has no plans to change the door prize after the Orlando shooting massacre.

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Number Of 3D Printed Guns Could Explode With Expiration Of the Undetectable Firearms Act

The ban on "undetectable guns" may give rise to a wave of newly legal weapons and ammunition.

Syria Chemical Weapons: This is How You Disarm Them

Stopping the use of chemical weapons is easier said than done — and even a successful attempt to destroy chemical weapons can have nasty side-effects for civilians.


Happy Airstrike Eve, Everyone

Hitting chemical weapons bunkers with cruise missiles is a very, very bad idea. A former U.S. Navy EOD technician explains why.

15-Year-Old Girl Held As Sex Slave On California Marijuana Farm

While marijuana is thoguht of as harmless, the trade surrounding it is often anything but. We need greater policing of marijuana growers in order to decrease violence.

Company Sells Pork-Laced Bullets Designed To Send Muslims To Hell

An Idaho-based company enraged by Muslims has come up with a way to stop them: pork-laced bullets. Their plan is simple: shoot a Muslim and deny them Paradise.

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Alex Jones just launched a dating site for freedom lovers, and here are the 7 most dateable guys ready to set your mind free.

Gun Control: Do Gun Control Advocates Even Know What They Want to Control?

Gun control advocates are sometimes vociferous in pushing gun control legislation, but they show time and again that they really have no clue what they seek to legislate on.


Did Adam Lanza Have More Ammo in His House Than An Entire Marine Squad? No

Reports have recently highlighted the amount of ammunition in the Lanza household. When compared to average hunters and military squadrons, though, this ammo count is low.

Gun Control: Small Town in Maine Proposes Mandatory Gun Possession to Residents

In Byron, Maine, an article that requires "all households to have firearms and ammunitions to protect the citizens" is favored by selectment and expected to be approved by town residents.

Gun Control Debate: When Ammo Runs Short, Should Citizens Come Before Government?

Massive purchases of ammunition by government agencies have created shortages and driven up ammunition prices for private individuals. Is this fair?

Watch: Chris Dorner Shootout Caught on Live Footage By CBS Reporter

The shootout which preceded fugitive ex-cop Chris Dorner's retreat into a Big Bear Lake cabin which subsequently caught fire was caught on tape by CBS. Watch it here.

New York Gun Control Law Exposed: 15 More Measures Left Out Of Final Bill

Last week New York, passed the toughest gun control measures in the U.S., but it has come to light that gun control advocates in the state wanted to go even further.


Rick Santorum ABC This Week Interview: People Need Armor-Piercing Bullets For Self-Defense

Rick Santorum thinks civilians have a right to own armor-piercing bullets for self-defense - but they're mostly used for killing police officers.

Assault Weapons Ban: How Politicians Manipulate the Debate

Gun control advocates and politicians throw around terms like "weapons of war" and "assault weapon" for political gain.

Grover Norquist, the NRA, and the Problem with Political Pledges

The answer to real conversations about gun safety, reproductive rights, work, and more, is hidden in secret pledges.

Assault Weapons Ban: Dianne Feinstein Bill Sets Aim At Gun Rights

California Senator Dianne Feinstein is set to propose a new Federal Assault Weapons ban when Congress reforms in January. The new law will be much stricter.