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CVS Nail Polish Policy: Are You Fixing Your Manicure or Planning to Cook Meth?

CVS wont sell you nail polish remover unless you're 18 because you might be cooking meth with it.

Depression Physically Changes Your Brain, Scientists Discover

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Uncovered Nazi Letters Reveal Hitler Used Crystal Meth to Keep Soldiers Awake On the Front Lines

In a four-month span in 1940 more than 35 million three-milligram doses of Pervitin were manufactured for the German army and air force. Hitler had daily injections of the methamphetamine.


The American Psychiatric Association's New ADHD Rules Are Flirting With Disaster

The American Psychiatric Association is publishing a new text redefining ADHD this month. This development is a disaster both for medicine, our children, and society.

College Study Tips: 5 Safe and Awesome Alternatives to Adderall

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ADHD is a Societal Disorder, and Adderall Abuse Harms Those Who Suffer From It

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Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Seized by Police to Prevent Outbreak of More Zombie Attacks

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