The midterm elections are over — and the potential 2020 field is already looking crowded

The 2020 election is already beginning — and the Democratic field has plenty of potential candidates.

Booker’s theatrics set the tone for another day of contentious Kavanaugh hearings

The emails Booker and Hirono said were confidential had apparently already been cleared for release.

“It’s a sham”: Democrats call foul as Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation gets off to wild start

Democrats decried the lack of transparency and raised concerns about Kavanaugh's record during an acrimonious opening day.

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As domestic violence allegations rattle the White House, Congress is moving to help victims

As members of the Trump administration becomes embroiled by domestic violence allegations, here are some of the ways Congress is trying to help abuse victims.

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton Says Philando Castile Wouldn’t Have Been Shot if He Were White

Gov. Mark Dayton thinks Philando Castile would still be alive if he were white.


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Millennial Unemployment: 3 Ways Government is Screwing Young People Out of Jobs

The U.S. government has enacted a 3-part plan to royally screw millennials out of our voice in policy debate. This has negative implications for our jobs, education, and finances.

Ron Paul Supporter Takes Alaska GOP HQ Hostage

The chairwoman of the Alaska GOP has taken the party HQ hostage. This is what happens when you put Ron Paul-supporters in power.