Antikythera Mechanism, World's First Computer, May Have Been Used to Predict the Future

New X-rays of the Antikythera Mechanism reveal a clue about ancient Greek astronomy.


Construction Workers Find 1,300 Pounds of Ancient Roman Coins, Win Ancient Lottery

You know when you're just digging in Spain and find 1,300 pounds of bronze coins?

Women in Colombia Are On a Sex Strike For This Civic Cause

Women in a small Colombian town are channeling ancient Greek heroines by withholding sex until they get what they want: improved road conditions.

This Ancient War Movie Would Make the Perfect Script For a Gay Hollywood Action Hero

As a heterosexual male who finds most musical theater annoying, I want to know why Hollywood hasn't written a gay character as the hero of my favorite film genre: the war epic?

Why Hasn't Hollywood Created More Gay Heroes in War Films?

We shouldn't let stereotypes from our present culture blind us to the fascinating opportunities for gay characters in TV and film.

SOTU 2013 Reactions: Can Obama's Remarks On Citizenship Resonate With the Modern American?

During the SOTU address, Obama called upon Americans to engage themselves as citizens, but does citizenship mean the same thing to the modern person as it did the ancient one?

Greece Approves Austerity Package, Media Jumps on Old News

Once again the world's attention has turned to Greece, stoking up drama in the country that invented it. Though the coverage is relevant, the hype may not be.