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In almost 3,000 years of existing, Rome finally has its first female mayor, Virginia Raggi.

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SOTU 2013 Reactions: Can Obama's Remarks On Citizenship Resonate With the Modern American?

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Death Penalty History: 11 Brutal Methods Of Execution From Our Past

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Clinton Global Initiative 2012: Government Spending is Ending Philanthropy as We Know It, and That is a Good Thing

Philanthropy's turf is shrinking. But Western donors can remain relevant by seeking out poverty and oppression in both developed and developing countries.

Egypt Pyramids And Other Wonders of the World Are Being Destroyed

The destruction of historical monuments erases the record of past civilizations for the short-sighted egoism of today's living people. We should do something about it.

A Cultural Philosophy on War

Western society's view on war has been significantly altered over the years through the media and our own "cultural memory."